Kona Coffee Color and Fragrance

White on BlueJacaranda in BloomI love spring in Kona. We’re coming out of the dry season and have a bit more rain in the afternoons, but the color and fragrance in the air is intoxicating. While our biggest coffee bloom-fest was in late March this year, we’re continuing to get some puffs of white on the coffee trees. This coffee shot (photo) is from a few years ago, but you can see why the coffee blossoms are so inviting. Coffee blossoms have a faint fragrance similar to orange blossoms, but not nearly as strong. The “Kona Snow” sadly only on the tree for a few days. They self-pollinate and fall away as quickly as they came.

I’ve been getting inquiries about Kona Coffee properties from across the US and even internationally. Great to see the interest. Whenever I travel on “The Mainland”, I find that Kona is most well known for its coffee. A close second is its laid back lifestyle. I agree with both.

No math in the blog today, just beauty. Come enjoy it with us!!

If you’re serious about your coffee or serious about a Kona Coffee farm, I’m serious about helping you.

A hui hou,

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