Seasons of Change

Aloha to all,
Just a quick note. We’re firmly into a season of change. Some high elevation farms (like mine) still have some cherry coming off the trees. Most farms (even mine) have completed the pruning. We had a huge bloom in the last week of March covering nearly the entire Kona Coffee Belt. We’re slowly getting the afternoon cloudiness associated with the summer coming toward us, but not the regular afternoon rains yet. Farms that will be planting new acreage are getting ready to put the seedlings in the ground. Mostly irrigated plots have planted so far. My farm looks great with its pruning and a recent haircut (mowing). Overall it’s a nice spring.

If you’re serious about your coffee or serious about a Kona Coffee farm, let me help you do the math.

A hui hou,

Fred Cowell, R(S), Kona Home and Land Realty LLC
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