Mom and Dad Win.

Last month’s coffee cultural festival has come and gone. I’m proud to announce that my parents’ coffee farm, “Kowali Farms”, was the winner in the Gevalia Cupping competition in the “Crown” division. The “Crown” division is only open to the farms large enough to have 30 bags of certified “Kona” coffee at the time of the judging. The other division is the “Classic” division. Entrants in the “Classic” division only need to submit 50 pounds of parchment for judging. If my math is right, a Crown division entrant would need to have nearly 10 acres. Similarly, a Classic division entrant would less than a quarter acre of coffee.

So lets do the Crown math…. 30 bags of green coffee is 3000 pound of green. In order to have 3000 pounds of green, one will have to mill roughly 3750 pounds of parchment. To yeild 3750 pounds of parchment, one would need to harvest and pulp about 16,000 pounds (or 160 bags) of cherry. A mid-elevation farm at around 1500 foot elevation would have picked first two rounds of coffee or roughly one fourth of their crop. Assuming an average production of 6500 per acre, that means (16000 x 4 = 64000/ 6500 = 9.8 acres)

Classic Math…. 50 pound of parchment = 213 pounds of cherry. Again, I’ll assume a quarter of the crop picked in time for the judging with average production of 6500 per acre. (213 x 4 = 852/6500 = .13 acres)

Needless to say, contestants in both categories are very serious about producing a world-class coffee. With the average Kona coffee farm being less than five acres, it’s nearly impossible for many of the farms to qualify for the Crown competition. Hats off to Hoshide Farm, a 7 acre Honaunau farm that won the Classic Competition. And a congratulations to Skip and Rita Cowell (Mom and Dad) for their victory in the Crown Competition.

If you’re serious about your coffee or serious about a Kona Coffee farm, let me help you do the math.

A hui hou,

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