Happy New Year, Kona Coffee-wise

Aloha from Kona,

With today being the first of July, it’s the beginning of the new coffee harvest year here in Kona. Because the harvest usually spans from late summer to early spring the next year, we’re coming into the ’08/’09 season. Typically, the last of the coffee has been picked from the previous year. We’re also seeing the first street prices being posted on road side signs. Prices are low compared to mid or late season prices, but they always seem low at the start.

Most of the spring blooming has finished, although the higher elevation farms still have a few blooms to go. All of the pruning was completed a few months ago. Once the trees are cut, clusters of sucker growth grow from the trunks. These suckers are thinned to the required number to replace the pruned branches. Although we’ve had a fairly cool, damp spring, the summer afternoon rains are upon us. Average rain is around five-inches per month in the summer in our coffee belt.

On the sales front, we’re seeing continued interest in coffee realty. The biggest story recently was the sale of a 60-acre farm for $7,250,000. I’ll do the math for you: $120,833.33 per acre. That’s for one of the larger farms here in Kona. Smaller acreage tends to be running around $150K/acre. I’ll be happy to give you my opinion of trends in coffee realty sales. Just drop me a line and we’ll discuss them.

A hui hou,

Fred Cowell, R(S), Kona Home & Land Realty LLC
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