Late Season Coffee

coffee-farm.jpgHere it is the middle of May and we’re still harvesting Kona Coffee cherry from the trees from the last season. We label our Kona Coffee seasons with a two-year tag because the picking season starts in the fall and goes past the New Year into the spring. This year (07/08) we’ve had an especially late harvest.

I suppose it could be attributed to a couple of factors, but I don’t know for sure. First of all, we’re a relatively high elevation farm. High elevation farms don’t get as much daytime sunlight as lower elevation farms. But because the elevation of our farm hasn’t changed this year, it must be caused by some sort of weather phenomenon.

We did get a couple of very wet weeks in late November and early December. Normally our driest months are November through March. We did get normal rains between January and March.

We have had a rather cool spring. With the intermittent haziness from the volcano, our daytime high temps have been slightly lower than normal. I suppose this might cause the fruit that’s on the tree to ripen more slowly.

The size and quality of the cherry coming off right now is bigger and better than early season fruit. So maybe the late harvest is a good thing.

In my last post I mentioned the Google Earth images for the Kona Coffee Belt. I added a pin for the Kealakekua Coffee Company farm. If you seach for Kealakekua Coffee, my pin is on the second page and will take you right to the farm. A saved image is posted for your viewing enjoyment.

A friend showed me the “easter egg” available once you’ve openned Google Earth. If you press Control + Alt + A, it will bring up a cool flight simulator. I’ve been having fun buzzing my house in an F-16 at near Mach 2. WhoooHoooo!!!!