It’s Snowing in Kona!!!

big-bloom.jpgWhat a sight to behold!!! After a small bloom around the New Year, a large set of blossoms has erupted on our coffee branches. The fragrance each evening faintly resembles jasmine (in the same family) or citrus. The bloom comes after a long stretch of relatively dry weather. We only had 1.5 inches of rain for the entire month of January at my farm. The trees were beginning to feel stress from the near drought conditions and went into a reproductive frenzie with the steady rain last week.

For all it’s beauty, the flowers will only stay on the tree for three or four days. Most likely, we’ll have a few more weeks of dry conditions following this bloom and the cycle will repeat itself next month. And the month after…

Roughly 80% of the little flowers will produce a coffee cherry in seven to eight months. That’s why each coffee tree will be picked 5 to 7 times next fall and early spring. In fact, some farms are still picking fruit from last May’s bloom.

Come see it if you have a chance, but it won’t last long. Drop me an email if you have questions on our coffee cycle. Coffee realty can be complicated. Be sure to look me up when you’re ready to let yourself take root here in Kona.

A hui hou,

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