Kona Coffee Musings

Whew, it’s been a busy mid-season for coffee. The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival was a busy time. I took a roasting and cupping class from world renowned roast master, Paul Thornton from Coffee Bean International. While we’re blessed to live in a wonderful location and produce an extemely unique and sought after coffee, we’re not the center of the coffee universe. My “take away” from the class and festival is that each coffee farmer must do their utmost to ensure that they grow, process, mill, and roast quality “Kona” coffee. Please email me with any specific coffee quality questions.

On the realty front, I’d like to point out a couple of listings of mine. One is a 11+ acre coffee farm looking right into Kealakekua Bay. From the Hawaii Information Service site, look up MLS #202200.

If you’re looking for a house with a stunning view of 30 plus miles of South Kona coastline, look at #204799. It’s wonderful house on a 3-acre lot. Not a lot of coffee, but all the neighbors have coffee and it can be easily added.

Wake up and smell the Kona Coffee

Fred Cowell, gr8coffee@earthlink.net