Whales anyone???

2 03 2008

I was having lunch at the Four Seasons last week and I heard some people talking about the lack of whales this season…….hello…..they have obviously never been to Kohala Waterfront where for you to NOT see a whale would be the subject of conversation! The Kohala Waterfront is one of those well kept secrets of the Kohala Coast. Secluded and exclusive yet moments from all the action either in the coves right in front of you are within the resorts that are just moments away. I was there the other morning and thought I was witnessing a spectacular sight when I spotted at least 100 dolphins very close to the shorelne heading south…well..low and behold..along side them were two whales acting as escorts or playmates…hard to tell. If you are looking for whales and a lifestyle to match the magic of glorious days and the most fantastic sunsets…..check out Kohala Waterfront. It is a fabulous!
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3 responses to “Whales anyone???”

2 03 2008
brobinson (16:57:44) :

Aloha Cathy,
Reading your new blogs from the lanai of my Halii Kai oceanfront listing where I’m sitting open house and I’ve just seen the most spectacular display of fluke slapping from some frisky whales close to the shore! In fact, I saw them all the way down the coast as I drove down this morning from Hawi, past Kohala Waterfront in fact. I think you and I have the best beat in AlohaLiving blogdom and look forward to seeing your posts.
A hui hou!
Beth Robinson

23 03 2008
Cathy (13:23:19) :

Another Spectacular day on the Kohala Coast. It is Easter Sunday and we all have so much to be thankful for. I was awake this morning at sunrise along with the whales and birds..both of which were in abundance. I look forward to hearing from any and all of you that have had a wonderful experience here at Hali I Kai or in the surrounding resort areas. Life here is so special and sharing your experiences only keeps the energy moving forward and reaching out to all those that appreciate this special island lifestyle that we are fortunate enough to be able to call home. Mahalo And Happy Easter to ALL!!!

5 07 2009
Seattle Waterfront Homes (20:51:13) :

Your post makes me miss the Hawaiian water views. Our waterfront in Seattle seems to be holding well on prices, how is the real estate market in your area?

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