Kauai Real Esate and Local News Update

Kauai Real Estate Has Another Great Week

The month of March brought us more good Real Estate sales news.  Just like February we saw some huge gains in all areas except Commercial and Business sales.  On difference is this month the Median Sales Price gap is smaller than last.  Taken from the sales data that was entered into our Multiple Listing Data Base for the month of March here are some figures of interest to you;

Compare Number of SOLD Condominiums

Poipu Area up from 3 in March 2009 to 10 in March 2010

Lihue was 13 in March 2009 and 19 in March 2010

Princeville was 8 in March 2009 and 19 in March 2010  


Compare Number of SOLD Residential Homes

Poipu/Kalaheo/Lawai area 8 sold in March 2009 and 22 sold in March 2010  

Lihue 3 sold in March 2009 and 12 in March 2010 

Princeville/Hanalei area 12 were sold in March 2009 and 19 in March 2010  

 For this last week we had another great week of properties going into escrow and closed transactions.  For a complete list   CLICK HERE

Kauai Doctor Pleads Guilty

Dr. Harold Spear pleads guilty to two class C felonies which are “prohibited acts related to controlled substances” and could be sentenced to five years in prison in mid-June.

For the last three years the Feds have been investigating Dr. Spear and they say that he has illegally prescribed and dispensed pain medication without establishing a doctor-patient relationship.  In March and June of 2006 search warrants at his Hanapepe clinic revealed hundreds of pre-signed blank prescription pads.  Controlled substance drugs such as Oxycontin and Ritalin were prescribed and dispensed from the Hanapepe clinic while Spear was in Florida.

This could land Dr. Spears in jail for 20 to 40 years but under a plea deal a reduced sentence of 5 years is expected to be granted on June 16th which is the plea hearing date.  However the Doctor said he has had medical and mental problems and was not taking his medication at the time when he agreed to the plea deal and instead of the sentencing the judge will probably hear oral arguments.  Dr. Spear is free on bail here in Kauai and he’s planning to appeal to have his medical license reinstated.  He has also filed for bankruptcy and is having a difficult time holding on to his home.

Wailua Golf Course Considering Lowering Fees

But not for residents, sorry.  Wailua Golf Course found out that by raising the price of playing golf to tourists they won’t play, or at least they won’t play as often.  It’s the tourists that mainly eat at the courses restaurant or buy from the pro shop and the residents just don’t bring in that extra revenue.  In spite of the fact that revenue is up 21% the course lost 5,000 rounds from the previous year and those rounds came from people who ate the restaurant and shopped at the pro shop.  Also what hurts the course is they are not set up to take credit cards so having an ATM on site is being explored as well.

A new bill is being introduced to lower the rates of the county course to combat the problem.  One of the amendments of the bill would define a “resident” which right now is defined as a person who has a valid Hawaii drivers license with a local address on it.  However some Council Members have concerns that this is easy for people to get and the solution to this is it takes just seconds to see if they voted in the last election here.

The bill was deferred for two weeks to have some amendments added to it.  If it passes the bill would bring down daily non-resident fees to $48 from $60; daily non-resident weekend and holiday fees to $60 from $70, non-resident twilight daily to $24 from $30, and non-resident twilight weekend and holiday to $30 from $35. In addition, a non-resident play card, good for five rounds of golf, would decrease to $215 from $275.

Big Gambling Bust at Salt Pond Beach Park

13 Kauaians from the age of 20 to 82 were busted at Salt Pond Beach Park for gambling.  All of them were released on $100 bail.  The bust happened as a result of complaints from local residents and the police have had the area under surveillance for a while.  As a result a week ago Friday the Police Officers walked up to the pavilion undetected and to the surprise of the gamblers!  Everyone in the pavilion was apprehended without incident and police were also able to seize $5,500 in cash, illegal drugs and miscellaneous gambling devices.

“Sit-In” At Governor Linda Lingles Office

7 adults have been holding a sit-in to protest Furlough Fridays in our public schools.  For some time now some Fridays have been earmarked as “Furlough Friday” to help the budget of our cash crunched state.  The Governor’s office and the State Board of Education have been trying to reach a solution.  The Governor wants to spend 62 million to bring the teachers back but does not want to pay the “nonessential workers” while the Union wants $92 million to bring everybody back on those days.

In the meantime it’s the kids and parents caught in the crossfire and seven adults have decided to try to make a difference.  However they were cited for trespassing as they entered their third day of their sit-in.  In response they protesters said they would leave the Governor’s Office and will hold their sit-in in front of Washington Place which is the former residence of the Governor, they also held a rally over the weekend and will be back at Lingle office on Monday morning.

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