Kauai Real Estate and Local News Update

Housing Rebounding?

“Oahu Home Sales Continue At Fast Pace”  “Maui Home Sales Rise As Prices Fall” “Kauai homes sales jump 82 percent”   These are the headlines that we are now seeing on the front pages of our newspapers and they are accompanied by statistics to support their headlines.  Got my attention!  I thought I’d check out what Kauai did island wide for the month of February.  By using real statistics as inputted into our Multiple Listing Service here’s what I found: 

For the Month of February 2010 

The entire island had an increase in sales by 81.83% over February of 2009.  All areas of the island showed positive growth with the exception of the area of Waimea which had a decrease in their residential housing.  In the Kapaa area condos and commercial land were also down. 

The median price increased by 10.71% island wide.  Overall Island wide every sector improved modestly.  

Inventory needs to clear out before we see any price increases and I’ve seen similar figures like these for the last couple of months.

For a current list of what came on the market and what sold last week


Orange County California Benefits From New Flights Being Added to Hawaii 

Continental Airlines is adding three new flights from Honolulu and Kahului on Maui to the West Coast starting yesterday (Sunday, March 7th).  Continental will launch a flight from Maui to Los Angeles and another from Maui to Orange County also a flight from Honolulu to Orange County.  These routes had been announced last December. 

Green Cars Come to Poipu

Warren Doi and Justin MacNaughton are bringing a new business to the south shore of Kauai along with a partner that you might have heard of, The Grand Hyatt.  Together they are offering “on-demand” transportation to the visitor industry.  Visitors can now rent their vehicles on an hourly basis and are provided with a “cost-effective, green alternative.”  For $15 an hour guests can rent one of four custom-made, family-friendly Ford Hybrid Escapes with all the latest technological frills.   

Currently visitors to the resort will rent a car that might sit in the parking lot unused for several days of their vacation.  Statistically 50% of the visitors to the Hyatt do not have cars and rely on shuttle, buses or taxis.  This service is available to everybody in the area and the duo hope that this is only the start of a new “Going Green” Win-Win method of tourists transporting themselves around the Garden Island of Kauai. 

Bethany Hamilton Movie 

The teenage surfer who lost her arm to a Tiger Shark on the north shore of this island has inspired millions of people who saw her appearances on shows like Oprah and The Ellen Degeneras Show.  Bethany Hamilton, who was 13 years old at the time of the attack, was surfing on the north shore off Makua Beach in October, 2003.  She lost her left arm from just below the shoulder to the Tiger Shark but was able to make a full recovery and is now surfing again. 

She’s poised and mature beyond her years and credits her faith to sustaining her through the recovery.  Her story is now being filmed on the north shore and is being directed by surfer Sean McNamara who spent several years directing the “Baywatch” television series and knows his way around surf and beaches.

Actress Anna Sophia Robb plays Bethany in the film and three days are being spent filming here in Kauai with the remainder will be done on Oahu.

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