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Saturday morning started for my husband and I with a phone call at 5:45 a.m. from the Civil Defense Department warning us of an approaching tsunami.  We were awake anyways as we were planning on going golfing so we were watching the morning news when the call came.  I checked our phone book as the news had suggested to make sure that our home is not in a tsunami zone which it was not but, our main access road is Poipu Road which looked like it would be blocked off.  We decided to continue on with our plans to golf because the 9 hole Kukuiolono Golf Course is uphill in Kalaheo and well out the way of danger.  The golf course is also a park and has plenty of lawn areas and walking paths, a favorite for joggers and dog walkers.

We got to the deserted golf course (very unusual for a Saturday) and started our round with another local friend.  The three of us noticed car after car after car of tourists coming up to the course with the same idea about the safety of the location that we had.  By the end of our second round the parking lot was full, the driving range was closed since emergency helicopters were parked on it, hundreds people were camped all over the course in beach chairs and some had brought pillows, blankets and umbrellas.  The golf course snack shop was packed and well over capacity with people drinking beer and watching the news on the flat screen tv.  Those on the lawns all over the rest of the course were getting updates on their cell phones and sharing those updates with everybody around them.  On hole number 7 people had tents set up and acted as a gallery for us golfers, applauding good shots and being politely quiet when we missed pitch shots or par putts.  The atmosphere on the course was that of a “concert in the park” setting and I sensed no panic or distress from the displaced tourists.

The expanse of Poipu and Waimea was easily seen from our location and we kept up on the news by asking the people on the course what they have heard, by the end of our second round the tsunami was suppose to hit Kauai within the half hour but it had already proven to be a “no show” on Hilo where it was suppose to hit first.  Oahu and Maui didn’t have any real activity either, but that did not mean that we were a guaranteed the same.   So we decided to walk another nine holes while the course itself was almost deserted because now the golfers had parked their carts and joined the crowds of tsunami watchers. 

All over the rest of the island coastal roads were closed with Kauai Police standing guard at the roadblocks.  Resorts had evacuated their guests by 9 that morning and all outdoor activities were cancelled leaving some brides stranded that had planned a Saturday Kauai wedding.  Crowds formed outside of Walmart, Home Depot  etc. with people doing just what we were doing at Kukuiolono Golf Course.  Calling to the mainland got cut off to us at times and we all knew our loved ones were watching and worrying back on the mainland. 

As my husband and I were walking our third round of golf it became obvious that the tsunami was going to be a non-event on our island as well.  Thankfully and with good humor people made their way to their cars and filed out of the course and we did the same when we finished our 27thhole of golf.  We saw as we left the course that the overflow of cars had people parking all over the residential neighborhood of Kalaheo and trucking up to the courses high ground on foot.  I would love to know the final count of people that actually were there that day. 

I can say that there was no panic, lots and lots of Aloha Spirit and good cheer from the tourists who obviously had not planned on this during their vacation.  This is the spirit of Kauai.  Our hearts go out to all those involved in the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Chile and by the end of our day there were efforts to help those in Chile that are in need.  This is also the spirit of Kauai and this is why I love living here.

Murder-Suicide in Lawai 

On Wednesday morning the South Shore was abuzz with an apparent murder-suicide that happened in the sleepy small town of Lawai.  Largely a residential community not much news is made in Lawai which is located right before you get to Kalaheo.

The dead man is Duane Bukoski, 38, of Lawa‘i. The female victim was an acquaintance of Bukoski named Clara Kaneshiro, 43, of Kapa‘a.  After completing their investigation Kauai Police Department said the female victim had been shot and the male had committed suicide.  The females name was originally held back so her husband could be notified.  Police are not speculating on the relationship between the Clara Kaneshiro and Duane Bukoski.

Clara Kaneshiro’s truck had been missing and was discovered at Bukoski’s Lawa‘i residence where both the bodies were also found.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Coming to Kauai?????

The Black Pearl, which is the pirate ship in the widely popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies, is “dry docked” in Oahu at the boat repair facility in Kalaeloa and attracting a LOT of attention.  Aggressive and curious movie fans are lined up outside the gates and security has a strong presence.

What is being done to the ship is not being discussed but the obvious fact is they are working on it for the next picture which is rumored to take place on Kauai and Oahu.

And from the shoreline, visitors can feast their eyes on a close-up view of the Black Pearl’s high, swooping stern — plus get a snapshot of the ship’s actual name: The Sunset.

Kauai Real Estate News

Again this week we had some really good number of completed sales.  The island is packed with people and I’m seeing a lot of properties going “contingent” on our MLS so these hopefully will be future sales to report.  Here is an excel spreadsheet on the activity island last week CLICK HERE

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