Kauai Real Estate and Local News

Lynda Gill Aloha From Beautiful Kauai! The Poipu Resorts have been packed with tourists and, with the exception of yesterday, we’ve continued to have perfect weather. It has been picture perfect winter Hawaii days: no wind, not too hot, not too cold.

*****Kauai Real Estate News*****
Activity has continued to remain strong on the real estate front. We are seeing some of those good deals getting snatched up. In addition to a great Kiahuna corner unit that I just listed which is clean as a whistle on the inside and a nice slice of an ocean view I have two Islanders On The Beach for sale. These are fee simple studio condos with ocean views in the mid 300′s. Contact me for more information. For a list of last weeks activity island wide CLICK HERE

*****Record Numbers Turn Out For Democratic Caucas*****

Lines were long and the ballots couldn’t be printed fast enough as a record number of voters turned out on Tuesday night for the Democratic Caucus. The last caucus had 4 thousand voter turn out and this year it was nearly ten times that. Democratic phone lines, offices and websites were overwhelmed. Tempers flared at times state wide as frustrated voters stood in long, long lines to vote but overall the people of Hawaii handled their frustrations well. Senator Danial Inoye said it was the largest voter turn out he had seen since Hawaii first became a state in 1959. Barack Obama spent most of his childhood in Honolulu until he left for college in the mainland and was hopeful of winning his home state which he did by getting 76.85% of the vote.

*****Princeville Resort To Close For 7 Months*****

On September 19th the Princeville Resort will close for 7 months while it metamorphoses into The St. Regis Resort. The Princeville Resort is a part of Starwood which also owns Sheraton. The 252 hotel will undergo a complete transformation of their guest rooms, front lobby, meeting rooms, pool etc. The Starwood Corporation is beginning meetings with union local #142 which represents the workers at the hotel.

*****Tiger Wanders Out Of Honolulu Zoo*****

Berani the tiger took a walk just before the Honolulu Zoo opened on Thursday. The 245 pound tiger is the tamest of the three tigers at the zoo and besides startling workers did no harm. It was discovered that a zoo worker did not latch the cage properly and the animal escaped. Getting Berani back in the cage was without incident.

*****720 Pound Marlin Caught Tuesday*****

Port Allen, Kauai’s small boat harbor in Eelele, was abuzz with excitement as deep sea fishermen Rod Lecher and Joe Bloomfield brought in their 720 pound marlin measuring 157.75 inches. The catch took 1 hour and ten minutes.

*****Injunction Filed Against Koloa Developer*****

The much publicized Koloa Monkeypod trees are again in our news. The trees have been trimmed and are surrounded by stakes which will hold dust screens as the site gets prepared for a shopping center. On March 13th an injunction will be heard by Kauai’s fifth circuit court in a motion that was filed by Kauai resident Ted Erum against the Knudson Trust and Stacey Wong, the trustee for the estate. The complainant states the monkeypod trees are worthy of being designated exceptional trees “by reason of their historical and cultural values, age, location, size and beauty.” Stacey Wong declined to comment.

Kauai Real Estate and Local News February 11 to 17, 2008

Kiahuna Plantation tree 1

Aloha From Kauai! As evidenced by this Rainbow Shower Tree, which is located outside our office at the Kiahuna Plantation, spring is in the air! This tree cascades tiny yellow petals all day creating a lovely shower effect. The weather has been fantastic all week, we’ve had some rain but for the most part sunny weather that is not too hold or cold. As they say on KONG Radio “Lucky We Live Kauai!” Kiahuna Plantation shower tree 2

*****Kauai Real Estate*****
Activity has continued to remain steady this week. Here in Poipu our Kiahuna Golf Village neighborhood has had a lot of activity. Out of the 8 homes that were on the market 1 sold, 5 are in escrow leaving only two available. This neighborhood harbors million dollar plus luxury homes that are a mix of full time owners, part time residents and a handful of vacation rentals. If you have any questions about real estate here on Kauai be sure to contact me, for now here is an excel spreadsheet on last weeks activity: CLICK HERE

*****NCL Cruise Lines Down To One Cruise Ship*****
The Pride Of Aloha will be pulled from the Hawaiian waters May 11 2008.
NCL Cruise Lines once sailed three cruise ships around the Hawaiian waters
and has lost $250 million since 2004 largely due to their Hawaiian market.
US flagged ships must comply with stricter environmental laws and are
subject to Federal taxes burdening them with higher costs then their
foreign flagged competitors. Foreign ships capacity between Hawaii and the
West Coast jumped 500 percent since 2003. NCL is having trouble filling
both it’s ships and it is projected that the remaining ship will start to
turn a profit once the Pride Of Aloha is renamed and set to sail on it’s
new route which has not been determined yet.

*****Department of Land and Natural Resources to Auction Off Kokee

The DNLR is pressing ahead to auction off it’s cabins in Kokee which are
located on State land and leased out to the current residents. A new 20
year lease is being drafted up by the Director for the DNLR and provisions
are being put into place for the bidding process. The huge concern being
out of state real estate companies and individuals will bid on the cabins
for vacation rentals. To mitigate this provisions limiting the bidding
process to people who pay Hawaii state taxes and bidding rights not to
extend to second home users are being implemented. The cabins are
considered public lands for all residents and the auction is supported by
many Kauai citizens but rules to keep it for residential local use are the
main concern.

*****450 Acres In Wailua To Be Developed For Hawaiian Homes*****
The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands is freeing up 450 acres for natives
Hawaiians to have homes making a huge dent in the current Kauai 1,500
waiting list. Kauai has the longest waiting list of all the islands and
the fewest amount of homes. It is proposed that the homesites will be on
the mauka side of Kuhio Highway and a small resort or other commercial
project on the makai side. Every dollar from the land lease commercial
side will be generated back into the home ownership opportunities for Kauai
families. Public comments are on the new venture are to be in by
February 22, 2008.

Kauai Real Estate and News For February 3 to 11

Poipu Road Waikomo Streams *****Poipu Road Opens!*****
On Saturday the Poipu Road finally opened and the roundabout is getting very near completion. The 12 million project, which is funded by the new Kukui’ula Development Company, was put in place to help offset the additional traffic. The existing Kukui’ula marketplace has been suffering since last May and still has more to come as the street in front of the marketplace will be re-asphalted next month. One of the first changes you see is the frontage of the Waikomo Streams is different and is set back more off the road with an added sidewalk, the entrance to the resort had been moved also and is now away from the buildings and by the tennis courts and check in desk. There is an added turn lane into the new Poipu Estate Subdivision also.
Poipu Road 1

*****CoCo Palms Hearing Set*****
Gary Hoosers proposed bill for the State of Hawaii to buy the historic CoCo Palms had a hearing on Saturday. Resisdents and visitors alike were asked to express their opinions for or against the bill by fax or email. Senator Hooser wants the dilapidated resort turned into a historical park and cultural education center. The State would provide matching funds for the venture in partnership with public and private non-profit entities.

*****Koloa Creekside Civil Suite Presses On*****
A South Shore developer’s case to sue the county and reveal an inconsistent planning process was given the green light to move forward on Friday. The proposed 72 residential home sites is off Waikomo Road and has faced numerous road blokes from residents wishing to preserve the atmosphere of Koloa Town. Court documents say that Creekside representative do not know of any circumstances where the county commission issued a written decision when it approved an application for permits with conditions. This report must be done within 60 days. A similar court battle was waged and won over the Koloa Marketplace lawsuit. The next court date has not been set.

*****Hawaii Superferry Drydocked*****
The Hawaii Superferry moved up its annual dry-dock and beginning this Wednesday the vessel will be out of service for about two weeks. Scheduling is set to resume March 3. The company has expressed appreciation for the public’s patience and understanding while the vessel is out of service.

*****Kauai Real Estate News*****
For real estate information please access my webpage where you’ll see a lot of new developments including video tours and dedicated web pages for my listings. Here is a list of last weeks new listings and sold properties. Click HERE

Kauai Vacation Rentals, Superferry Update and Real Estate News

Lynda Gill Good Morning! The streets of Poipu were deserted yesterday with all the people watching the Superbowl. The weather has not been co-operating so being inside and watching the game was not a bad option. Now for our news!

*****Kauai Real Estate News*****
This last week has continued to be strong with more properties going into escrow. This is our season to sell and the activity has been stepped up quite a bit. Here are the new listings and closed transactions for this last week: HERE

*****Vacation Rentals*****

Did you know that there are many areas on Kauai that have had vacation
rentals and Bed and Breakfasts’ that were operating outside of the VDA
(Visitor Designation Area) for years, sometimes decades? The homes along
the road to spouting horn and homes in Hanalei are just two examples of
what people have always thought were legal vacation rentals. The rising
costs of real estate and the destruction of neighborhoods had placed a new
focus on this unaddressed area.

In a dramatic emotion charged 19 hour meeting on Wednesday the council
voted unanimously on a new bill that address’s this issue. Here is an
outline of the bill:
*Existing single family vacation rentals outside VDA will be grandfathered.

*The right to vacation rental will run with the land.

*The section on Agriculture TVRs was taken out.

*Registration will begin after the forms are ready March 1 and needs to be
completed by October 15, 2008, and then annually renewed.

*For renewal the single family vacation rental has to be rented 30 days per

*There will be no new single family vacation rentals outside of the VDA.

*****Superferry Grounded All Week In Maui*****

High seas and a broken rudder had the Superferry grounded every day this past week in Maui. The Superferry plans to resume service on Monday but has advised travelers to call or check their website before planning a trip. Stranded passengers were offered alternative ways to get themselves and their cars back home.

*****Goodbye Pride Of Hawaii*****

Due to the rising costs in the cruise ship industry the Pride Of Hawaii which is an Norwegian Cruise Line U.S. flagged ship and sails into Nawiliwili Harbor weekly. The ship will be rerouted to Los Angeles and then off to more lucrative European tours. It is expected the two remaining cruise ships; the Pride Of Aloha and Princess Cruises will do better with one less cruise ship.

*****Four Of Hawaii’s Top 10 Parks In Kauai*****

A recent 98 page survey covered all 55 parks state-wide and it was found that Kauai attracted 1/3 of all state park visitors in the entire islands. The survey was conducted by the Omni-Track Group. Two thirds of the parks visitors were from out of state and 86 % of those were from North America. 5% from Japan. Ha’ena State Park (where the trail along the Napali Coast starts) had 708,000 visitors which out ranked Oahu’s Diamond Head park at 634,000.