Kauai News and Real Estate Update

Lynda Gill Good Monday Morning to you all and I hope everyone had nice weekends. For the last three weeks it’s picked up for our real estate. We’re seeing some good deals getting picked off and more offers being written. We are entering our busy time so this is not surprise. Please contact me for more information on buying or selling here on the Garden Island. For now; Here are last weeks listings and sales; click HERE

*****Governor Lingle Proposes To Buy Turtle Bay To Surprise Of The Resort*****
On Tuesday Linda Lingle stated she is proposing the state buy the Turtle Bay Resort which encompasses 850 acres on Oahu’s North Shore. Several ideas of funding this venture might be to sell the resort itself and keep the lands open for the public, sale of other state lands, a tax checkoff or a worldwide internet funding campaign. Lingle says that it’s important that the land be preserved and that the existing Turtle Bay resort and golf course continue to function. On Wednesday Nicola Jones said she was surprised to read of Governor Lingles proposal! While the financially troubled resort is facing severe opposition from the public on their expansion plans they are still open to discussions with Lingle and all others but are planning on moving ahead with their expansion plans. The resort is also facing a $250 million foreclosure lawsuit by its international lender Credit Suisse.

*****Tugboat Rescues Superferry*****
The “little tugboat that can” rescues the Kahulili Harbor on a daily basis from the Superferry to the tune of $1,200 an hour for three hours a day. During our winter weather it is being discovered that if the Superferry is left to its own docking devices damage is being done to the barge. The state and the Superferry are negotiating who is to pay for the tugboats, so far the state has been picking up the bill. The problem has been the states initial responsibility to provide platforms and mooring equipment for the Superferry which, once accepted, will be assumed by the Superferry. The investigation is whether that had been provided in the first place by the state. On a side note; the Kauai Chamber Of Commerce which is largely populated by small businesses ruled 79.5 percent in favor of the new mode of transportation saying it will help their companies.

*****Coco Palms Being Considered For Park Site*****
State Senator Gary Hooser proposed a bill that would turn the historic Coco Palms into a community park. The Coco Palms, once a historic landmark for Kauai (and a site used in Elvis’s movie Blue Hawaii) has remained shuttered and barren since hurricane Iniki in 1992. Attempts to re-vamp the resort has been made and shut down by public and city council opposition to proposed plans. This bill is a long shot but much welcomed by the people of Kauai. The bill instructs the State Land and Natural Resources Department to enter into negotiations with parties that might match funds and contribute developmental and operational expertise. Organizations such as Office of Hawaiian Affairs; the Department of Hawaiian Hamoelands; Kamehameha Schools etc. Gary Hooser had proposed a bill similar to this five years ago but it never got off the ground.

*****Major Car Accident Closes Kaumualii Hwy For 4 Hours*****
On Saturday a multiple car accident, which resulted in one fatality, separated one side of the island from the other for over four hours. The accident occurred near Wailua Golf Course at 3:15 and the highway was not opened until 7:40 that evening.

Poipu Round About Almost Finished And Kauai New Listings and Closed Transactions

Poipu Beach Round About
*****Poipu Beach Round About Almost Finished*****
Aloha Everyone! Let’s get right to the news; In Decembers Poipu Beach Resort Association Newsletter it is stated that the round about will be completed by January 17, 2008. This picture was taken on Sunday January 20th and it is not completed yet but is looking very near to finished. The old “Welcome To Poipu” rock sign has been replaced with a more profiled signage and the round about is right in front of it. Many palm trees have been added and the road way has been widened. All in all it looks really sharp and is more welcome then adding a traffic signal. The Kukui’ula shops are being built and here’s a peek at the construction;
Poipu Kukui’ula shops
these are located on the right hand side as you go towards spouting horn.

*****Maui Mayor Miffed At Superferry*****

The Superferry is cancelling their second service to Maui after Charmaine Tavares, Mayor of Maui County, said that she was surprised at the announcement from the Superferry to add a second service to the island. She said that decision had been made without consulting county officials who are still doing an environmental impact study on the effects of the existing service.

*****Pilot Still Missing After His Plane Crashes Off Kauai*****

On Monday at 5:08 am a twin engine plane piloted by Paul Akita disappeared from the radar screen 7.2 miles southeast of Lihue. The plane is contracted by the United States Postal Service and was carrying mail from Oahu to Kauai. 45 bags of mail has been recovered but the pilot has not been found. The plane was flying 100 feet above the ocean.

*****Hawaii Statewide Enviromental Justice Results*****

In a statewide attempt to define what environmental justice means to the population a survey that started in August (see blog posting http://blogs.alohaliving.com/kauai-home-sales/2007/10/28/kauai-news-highlights-new-listings-and-sales/ ) and the report is in. Kauai was the most vocal of all the islands which is no surprise. Due to the rough channel between Oahu and Kauai historically we have always been the most isolated of the islands and more protective of our solitude. Changes that happen on the other islands sometimes make it and sometimes don’t to the Garden Island.

The report is in and cites concerns for fair treatment statewide in the matters of development, traffic, illegal boating, genetically modified organisms, military occupation and….the Superferry. To view the report in its entirety goe to http://www.kauaiworld.com/content/pdf/012008.pdf

*****June Jones Leaves Hawaii State University*****
( This portion thankfully written by my husband Will Gill)
Well, the June Jones ear in Hawaii has come to an end. In 9 years, after taking a down trodden Hawaii team to national prominence June has moved on the another team in need of help. Good luck June in you quest to turn the SMU Mustangs back in a winning team.
But don’t worry Warrior fans. The team won’t look much different than the 2007 team because Greg McMacken (the 2007 Warrior defense coach) has taken over the head coaching job. Greg was a booster and fan preference. In one year Greg took the Warrior defense from 113th in the nation to 33rd! He is a June Jones disciple and we expect will continue the winning trend.
Mahalo June Jones and Good Luck Greg!

*****Kauai Real Estate New Listings and Closed Transactions*****
Here is last weeks report for our real estate. CLICK HERE Please contact me via email or phone for more information. Aloha!

Kauai News and Real Estate Update

poipu-beach-starbucks-2.jpg Aloha From The Poipu Beach Starbucks! Located across the street from the Kiahuna Plantation Kauai’s latest Starbucks is buzzing like all the other locations. Locals and Tourists alike are enjoying the outdoor seating area or surfing the net in the lounge inside the store while enjoying their favorite latte.

*****My New Video Tours!*****
What’s new in Real Estate Marketing? Videos of listings that can be accessed by cell phones and my clients have them! Real time news is 24/7 and prospective Buyers can now view a video of one of my listings on their cell phones, get some basic stats on the listing and email it to themselves or other interested parties that they know of. My contact information, mortgage calculator and a printable brochure are available from the video site as well. The one in this link is for the co-listing I have at the Kiahuna Golf Village which had a major price reduction this last week, it is a very short load up time. To see it click on this icon; Click Here to see the Virtual Tour

I will be featuring a listing a week in this new format.

Now for the Real Estate news on Kauai; here is an excel spreadsheet on what has been listed and what has sold island wide for the last week CLICK HERE . For more information contact me at 808-346-0056 or email Lynda@LyndaGill.com

*****Information On Pili Mai In Poipu*****
I got a call from the office of the Brookfield project Pili Mai in Poipu with updated news on their progress since I have a couple of their units in escrow. This is the new fee simple condo project that is fronting the Kiahuna Golf Course and by Joe’s On The Green. They will be releasing a press statement but authorized me to update any interested parties by phone call or email prior to their realeasing a press statement. So give me a call or an email and I’ll fill you in!

*****The Shops At Koloa Town*****
Poipu again is on the front page of our newspaper this last Friday when Stacy Wong, trustee of the Knudson trust, announced that the developers of The Shops at Koloa will move forward. Mr. Wong says that “We can’t meet all demands” but that most of the monkeypod trees on the property will remain untouched. The beginning phase of construction, which will last for 18 months, will consist of removal and replanting of more then two dozen trees. koloa.jpg

For more information visit; http://www.nelsoncos.com/koloa.shtml A peaceful protest vigil took place on Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm.

*****Westin Opening New Resort In April*****
This April the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas will open their newest resort. Located above Anini Beach on Kauai’s North Shore the 179 two bedroom villas will be offered as nightly rentals for who want the accommodations of a resort and the conveniences of a condominium. The resort will feature four pools, three whirlpools, a restaurant and general store.

Kauai Real Estate and News From The Garden Island

Lynda Gill

Aloha From Kauai! It’s the first week of the New Year and we had a wonderful sunny day today! From Poipu to Princeville we’ve had great weather and lots and lots of tourists, the new direct flights are really boosting our already vibrant tourism industry.

*****Kauai Real Estate News*****
Here in Poipu the road construction for the Round About installed by Kukui’ula is showing a lot of progress. The Wainani showroom homes are almost complete, I’ll have photos for you next week. If you have any questions on buying or selling Real Estate here on Kauai email or call me! How was our first week for Kauai Real Estate? To find out click HERE

*****Poipu Trees Still Standing*****
The Monkeypod tree removal date came and went here in Poipu and the trees are still standing. According to our newspaper; the protestors have asked the Developer to meet with them on the tree removal and this has been denied. A representative from the “Save Koloa Town’s Historic Monkeypod Trees” said he will be meeting with community and county representatives, this meeting will take place in the next coming week. Stay tuned!

*****Go! Airlines Raises Interisland Airline Ticket Prices*****
Citing rising fuel costs and recent court decisions Go! Airlines raised their interisland ticket prices to $49 and Hawaiian Airlines along with Aloha Airlines are expected to follow suit. Before the upstart airline company interisland travel prices ranged from $70 to $90 each way.

*****Cruising The Hawaiian Islands? Proposed
New Rules Might Affect You*****

If passed a law proposed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection will have cruises from California to Hawaii spending at least 48 hours in Mexico if they want to continue service. This would make Hawaii cruises more costly for foreign based cruise lines and allow Hawaii based U.S. flagged ships to compete for more the island cruising market. Currently U.S. flagged ships are at an inherent disadvantage because they have higher labor costs, comply with environmental laws and pay Federal taxes. Foreign flagged ships now have very short stops in Mexico to comply with the Federal law that foreign flagged ships dock in another country on any voyage that takes them to other U.S. ports. The new law would change these short stops to “48 hours or more”.

*****Superferry Sailing To Kauai Likely On Hold Until 2009*****
CEO John Garibaldi announced on Friday that service to Kauai and the Big Island are on hold until the second vessel is built and delivered which will be sometime in 2009. Currently this vessel is under construction in Mobile Alabama. Superferrys business model is based on two trips a day so a second route is being added to Maui and the company has extended their promotion of $39 passenger fares and $55 vehicle fares through March 31 of this year. In the meantime the Environmental Impact Study is being done and Garibaldi said he’s committed to mending the relationship with his company and the island of Kauai.

****June Jones Breaking News!*****
June Jones, Hawaii football coach, is entertaining offers from other schools and maybe some pro teams. Because of the support, emails and letters from the people of Hawaii he has backed off his decision making for another day. June’s big concern all through his career has been to upgrade the facilities and bring recognition to the programs he’s implemented. In 1998 Hawaii University allowed him to do that and Jones turned down a lucrative contract in the pro ranks to become head coach here in Hawaii. Some of the things he wanted implemented have not been accomplished and the president of Hawaii University is working feverishly to address the problems so as to be able to keep June Jones here in the Aloha State.