Kauai Real Estate 2007 Round Up

Poipu Girl Meets June Jones

Happy New Year! May you all have a wonderful New Years and blessings to you and yours for a fantastic 2008.

*****Me And Mr. Jones*****
What’s in the news? University of Hawaii Warriors in New Orleans! All eyes are on the upcoming New Years Day Sugarbowl game in New Orleans and the man of the hour is June Jones, head coach of the WAC undefeated champions, and I got to meet him! For a surprise under our Xmas tree for my husband I quietly went down to Kukui Grove Shopping Mall and had Mr. Jones autograph the book “Hawai’i Warrior Football” of which he wrote the forward, my husband was surprised to get it! Pictures Plus was the last stop on his Kauai autograph tour and it was mobbed with people wanting to shake the hand of our beloved coach. There have been travel packages to New Orleans offered by Hawaiian Airlines and any tickets that come available to the BIG game are snatched up quickly. Colt Brennan, lead quarterback, went on the news to say he promises a game the likes of which you have never seen. Colt states there will be hair flying out from under helmets, Hawaiian chants and moves that have not been seen before. Win or lose, Colt says, your in for a good game. Go Warriors!

*****Poipu Gets A Starbucks!*****
We’ve hit the big time! Set to open after the New Year in the Poipu Shopping Village (where Overboard used to be) is Kauai’s third Starbucks. You will now be able to get your favorite latte without having to drive to Lihue or Kapaa.

****Superferry No Go For Fourth Straight Day****
High seas have left the Superferry sitting in the docks of Oahu for the fourth straight day. Passengers who were stranded with their cars on Maui were given transportation back home and their cars shipped separately. The service is to resume today (Sunday) with an adjusted schedule.

*****Koloa Town Monkeypod Trees****
A nighttime vigil was held on Saturday night to get the word out to save the Monkeypod trees that line Koloa Road. The vigil kept growing as the night went on and many onlookers honked their horns in support getting huge cheers from the candle holding protestors.

*****Kauai Real Estate*****
Here are the current new listings and closed transactions for the last week of 2007. Click HERE I wish you all a healthy, happy and peace filled New Year. Thank you to the people I have meet this year and my past clients, you are the very best part of this job. Mahalo Nui Loa, Lynda Gill (RA)

Poipu Grand Hyatt
Happy Holidays To All Of You! This photo was taken at the Poipu Beach Grand Hyatt where the season is an all out celebration! There are festivities planned in the ballrooms, singing everynight and twinkling trees tastefully placed everywhere. We don’t have a white Christmas here but we have the green natural beauty of Kauai and island people who love getting together and celebrating!

*****Kauai Real Estate*****
News and real estate still go on amongst the festivities. If you have any questions please contact me, for now here are the last weeks listings and closed transactions Click HERE

*****Poipu Spouting Horn Vendors Phased Out*****
The Kauai Council voted 4 to 3 for a bill that will designate certain areas and permitting procedures for Kauai vendors. The vendors at Spouting Horn in Poipu will be allowed to stay for 5 years and then will be phased out.

*****Kauai Leads State In Coastal Protection*****
Kauai now leads the State in coastal protection. New legislation has been passed for Kauai coastal properties; the new setback rule is 40 foot minimum setback plus 70 times the annual coastal erosion rate. This is significant because they were shooting for the moon on this one and thought they might have to settle for Maui’s current 40 foot setback plus 50 times the annual coastal erosion rate.

*****Vacation Rental Vote Deferred*****
The last item on the agenda (see last weeks blog) was deferred. Stay tuned!

*****Superferry Foes To File Appeal*****

On the Valley Island the “Maui Tomorrow “ group is filing an appeal with the Hawaii Supreme Court to challange the recent decision to allow the new mode of transportation to continue while an environmental study is being done.

*****Koloa Town Monkeypod Trees*****
A group of protestors have been out daily since Monday with countdown signs signifying the end for 16 of the 24 Monkeypod trees that line Koloa Road. This last Saturday was their biggest demonstration yet with over 20 people consisting of visitors and locals marching up and down Poipu road with protest sigsn. These 80 plus year old trees are slated to be taken down because they are diseased states Stacy Wong who is the trustee of the Knudson Trust that owns the land that the new shopping center will be on. Protestors feel differently and took to the sidewalk that fronts the Old Koloa Town stores with postcards addressed to different Kauai government officials for tourists and residents to sign in support of keeping the historic trees.

Kauai News and Real Estate Update

Lynda GillAloha! It’s been another wet week here in Kauai but the winds have not been at the force they were last week. Christmas decorations have been popping up everywhere and the Holiday parties have started! Winter is here and that means we are all wearing our sweaters now because it gets down to the high sixties! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

*****First Kauai Real Estate News!*****
If you are interested in buying or selling here on Kauai your first stop should be my webpage where you can see what is currently for sale, go to www.LyndaGill.com then email me at Lynda@LyndaGill.com or give me a call at 808-346-0056. Here are the past weeks new listings and sales; click HERE

*****Full Plate For Kauai City Council This Week*****
This Wednesday will be a busy day for our City Council as they attempt to pass three bills in an attempt to close 3 issues that have been months, and sometimes years, in the discussion stages by the end of the year. The three issues on the agenda are;

Poipu Vendors at Spouting Horn:
In an attempt to designate where visitors can shop from local vendors this bill would regulate and stop peddlers and concessionaires at county parks. The hot issue is the vendors at Spouting Horn who have been there for over 20 years and have become a part of the visitor experience. There will be debate on how to keep those vendors from being phased out when and if the bill is passed.

Vacation Rentals Outside Of The VDA Area: Council will vote on a bill that will phase out transient vacation rentals that are operating outside of Vacation Destination Areas over an 18 month period. The concern has been the designation of neighborhoods due to some residents operating vacation rentals out of their homes. The bill is threefold: 1) It would require registration of all vacation rentals or nonconforming use certificates and set standards for all vacation rentals; 2) It would prohibit new single-family home vacation rentals outside of the VDA areas; 3) and would identify and allow nonconforming uses where single-family vacation rentals have been operating lawfully prior to the bills approval

Shoreline Setback: If passed the shoreline set-back would be strongest in the state. It would mandate a 40 ft. minimum setback plus 70 times the annual coastal erosion rate. Some council members want to mimic Maui’s 40 feet plus 50 times the annual erosion until historical documentation of Kauai’s coastline is collected.

*****5 Million Dollar Makeover For Coconut Marketplace*****

“It’s incredibly run-down” states David Harvey the senior vice president at M & J Wilkow Ltd. who purchased the property last March. The Coconut Marketplace is in a prime shopping area but has been plagued with differed maintenance for years which it is now slated to get. The plans call for cosmetic changes as well as a new roof. The plans are also to include one mainstream restaurant to be added as a way to improve nighttime business and to upgrade the current tenancy.

*****Superferry Arrives In Maui Amidst Protestors*****

3 north shore Kauai residents came along for the re-launch ride from Honolulu to Maui with a surprise plan unbeknownst to the Superferry personnel. As the ship came into Kahului Harbor a 200 square foot banner was lowered by the trio with the State motto “Ua mau ke ea o ka ‘aina I ka” and followed by “Pono?” (Translation “The life of the land is perpetuated through….righteousness?”) Around 300 protestors on the Maui shoreline cheered the sign and Superferry personal had the banner removed immediately. Maui police were on hand to quiet any disturbance and a handful of Kauai police officers were in attendance to watch them in action. The return of the Superferry to Kauai is still unknown.

The ships passage was very rough with many passengers getting sick on the way. 12 foot plus waves rocked the 350 foot Alakai catamaran beyond the point of nausea. The controversial new mode of transportation had a special fare of $29 each way and was operating at a quarter capacity.

Governor Linda Lingle had been to Kauai on Thursday to speak at the Kauai Humane Society luncheon and was meet with 50 protestors. The crowd was “much friendlier” then the last time she spoke here in Kauai.

*****Sports Update From My Husband Will*****

T.J. Kua, senior golfer for the Kamehameha Kapalama golf team signed with the University of Hawaii. The 17 year old will receive a full scholorship.

After leading the Warriors to a perfect 12-0 season Coach June Jones (University of Hawaii) was nominated as a finalist for the Coach Bear Bryant coach of the year award.
In a related story; Colt Brennen, Senior quarterback for the University of Hawaii Sugarbowl bound Warriors graduated Saturday with a degree in communications.

Kauai Storms, Superferry Update and the Latest Real Estate News

Kiahuna Plantation, Kauai
Photo taken at the Kiahuna Plantation, this debris pile is 5 car lengths long. Wind and rain is the news! The island of Kauai is again sunny but the news for the past week has been pretty much weather related.

First the real estate news; My website had some nice modifications done to it last week to include more resources and MLS search options for all the properties here on Kauai has been re-vamped. Did you know that you can search ALL of the listings on Kauai on www.LyndaGill.com ? You can! You can refine the search definitions and build the property of your dreams. Your four step approach on my website would be:

Dream it; Build it; Search it; Call me.

Here are the new listings and past sales for this last week, click HERE

*****Kauai Pummeled by Wind and Rain*****
After a week of wet weather high winds started on Tuesday with southwest winds of 25 to 40 mph and localized gusts up to 60 mph. Power outages blanketed the island and residents were told to stay off the streets if they could. Some utility poles were downed and fallen trees have damaged some homes. On Saturday the “Lights On Rice” annual Christmas Parade was cancelled and the Festival of Lights Display at the historic County Building were turned on at dusk without the usual fanfare.
However Kauai escaped the brunt of the storm which made a pass through the island chain and then came around for yet another pass hitting Maui the hardest. The Valley Island experienced a flash flood which took a home 100 yards off of its foundation in Kula. Maui schools closures, power outages and flash flood warnings continued until Friday. The American Red Cross found 142 Maui residents affected by the storm. Officials say a full investigation of the damage has been difficult since weather has made a full survey of the island impossible. Maui county officials are planning to seek a disaster declaration and Federal Emergency Management Agency for aide.

*****Superferry Update*****
Weather damage to the docks at Kahului on Maui has scuttled the return of the Superferry. Some Kauai police officers were scheduled to fly to Maui to see their police officers handling the protestors who have stated they are going to be there. The relaunch has been set for December 13.
For Kauai an article in the December 7th Pacific Business News has an informative piece on John Garibaldi CEO of the Superferry. A portion of it reads: “But resumption of service to Kauai’s Nawiliwili Harbor will take much more time, Garibaldi said. Kauai was the epicenter of protests in the water and at the harbor the led to confrontation between the protestors and the U.S. coast Guard and police.” Garibaldi states “We will continue to evaluate Kauai, but it’s going to take a lot of outreach to get back into the market.
For the full article click Superferry Article

*****Hawaii Sports Blip*****
(Continued thanks to my husband Will who has written this follow up piece for his sports challenged wife!)
Rumor: Hawaii coach, June Jones rumored to be considered for UCLA coaching job.
Facts: After leading the WAC Champion Hawaii Warriors to a perfect 12-0 record, quarterback Colt Brenen finished third in the Heismann Award.
Whether it’s the late game starting times (6:30 pm Hawaii time = 11:30 pm East Coast time), or playing in the WAC Conference, the all-time touchdown passing leader (131) who holds or shares 28 other NCAA records didn’t get the recognition he deserves.
In any case the Warriors are on their way to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans January 1, 2008 to play against the Dawgs of Georgia.

On A Lighter Note: University of Colorado linebacker Jordon Dizon (from Waimea High School, Kauai) was named the Big 12’s Defensive Player of the year. Jordon was also named to the Walter Camp All-American First Team and was runner up to Ohio States James Laurinaitie in the Dick Butkus Award for outstanding linebackers. Jordon lead the nation in solo tackles (120) and was second for total tackles (160). Navys assistant coach Ken Niumatalolo was named Navys Head Coach after Paul Johnson retired. Ken is a graduate of the University of Hawaii.

Congratulations To All!

Kauai News and Real Estate Market Update

Lynda Gill Hello Everyone from rainy Poipu Beach! We’ve been having nothing but rain in our forcast for the past week and it looks like in the week to come also. Minor flooding and road closures have been happening frequently. I’ve been back for a full week now and I have lots of news, plus a guest blogger! My husband has written a section of this blog since I am sports challanged (except for golf). First a market report for Kauai. Here are the sales and new listings for the past week here on Kauai. kauai-real-estate-sales-and-closed-transactions-nov-26-to-dec-2.xls

*****Poipu Resort On Hold*****

The entrance to Royal Palms showroom off of Kiahuna Plantation drive has been blocked off this week. Permit delays force the refunding of deposits of more the 1 million dollars held by the developer for Royal Palms here in Poipu. According to the article published by the Pacific Business News on November 23 all the new developments here in Poipu, with the exception of Kukui’ula, Poipu Beach Estates Lots and Wainani at Kiahuna, are still in need of getting their water permit. For the full article click here Poipu Development Article

*****Kauai Planning Commission OKs Agricultural Subdivision Moratorium*****

Kauai’s planning commission approved a bill set forth by Mayor Brian Babtiste calling for a moratorium on all agricultural land development until December 31 of 2008 or until the County Council or Planning Commission adopts legislation to protect the remaining ag lands, whichever happens latter. This bill is headed for Kauai’s County Council and is expected to pass. Exemptions to this moratorium would be for affordable housing and those subdivisions that have received tentative approval. This bill is aimed at preserving Kauai’s rural atmosphere. The Mayor had introduced similar legislation 8 years ago when he served as a Council Member but it was defeated.

*****Hawaiian Airlines To Replace It’s Fleet*****

Hawaiian Airlines announced it has signed an agreement worth over $4 billion to buy as many as 24 new long range air-craft. This is the single largest investment in the 78 year history of Hawaiian Airlines.

*****Warriors Defeat the Huskies 35 to 28*****

(This section of my blog was written by my husband Will who backed the Hawaiian Warriors and won a bet against his avid Huskie fan of a brother-in-law) On Saturday night the University of Hawaii football team, playing for a perfect 12-0 Championship, played against the University of Washington Huskies.

Maybe still on a high from the week before when they beat Boise State for the outright WAC Championship, or maybe they were just awed by the size and speed of the Huskies, whatever the case the Warriors fell behind in the 1st quarter by 21 points.

But behind the senior leadership of quarterback Colt Brennen (42 of 50, 442 yards and 5 touchdowns) the Warriors took it to the final quarter for a 35 – 28 win against the Huskies.

It’s on to the Sugarbowl for the Warriors to face the Dawgs of Georgia! Go Warriors!