Kauai Real Estate Sales and Closings

Poipu to Vegas Aloha! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My husband and I have gotten back from seeing family and friends in Southern California and Las Vegas. I did not win at the slot machines but did very well at the Outlet Malls. Xmas shopping has been done and I met many Hawaiians on the plane coming home from Vegas who also completed their shopping. Vegas is truly the 8th Hawaiian Island. It was freezing cold in Las Vegas and I’m very, very happy to be back here in warmth and greeness of Poipu. Next week I’ll have more news for you on the Garden Island itself.

For now; here is the market report for the past week. Later today I will be releasing a new listing at the Waipouli Beach Resort! Have a wonderful day. Kauai Real Estate New Listings and Closed Transactions

Viva Las Vegas!

Lynda Gill After lots of visting with family and friends here in Huntington Beach California (where I grew up) my husband and I are off to Las Vegas. I’ll be posting some pictures of Vegas later this week. On our drive from LAX to Orange County I saw as many people on the freeway as there are in Kauai! It’s been a bit of a culture shock seeing so many people and being in buildings higher then a palm tree but we got back in the groove quick enough. I am still doing business over here so feel free to contact me by phone or email. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Kauai News and Real Estate Updates

Lynda Gill Aloha Everyone! Poipu weather has been really, really gorgeous this past week. The other islands have gotten some rain which they have sorely needed but we’ve been enjoying sunshine. My Kauai blog posting next week will include some news on our eighth island; Las Vegas! It’s said here the Las Vegas is the eighth Hawaiian island. Did you know they have an ABC Store and a Hilo Hatties in the Alladin shopping mall? It’s true! My husband and I will be stopping off in Orange County to visit family and friends and then we’ll spend Thanksgiving in Vegas with some more friends.

*****Kauai Real Estate New Listings And Closed Transactions*****

Here is a list of the new listings and closed transactions for Kauai. If you have any questions on buying or selling contact me for information.


*****Update On Hawaii’s Superferry*****

A week ago Sunday Nawiliwili Harbor was filled with 250 people protesting the Superferry. The Protestors stated they were demonstrating the way the situation was handled and not the fact that the new mode of transportation will likely be in Kauai waters. A week ago Friday Governor Lingle signed the bill into law after meeting with Mayors from the neighbor island and environmental leaders to discuss the restrictions that she imposed. The Governor has asked Maui to overturn it’s earlier decision to now allow the Superferry to enter Maui waters, in response to this Judge Joel August issued an order requiring that only 2 cars per minute be allowed to exit the Superferry when unloading, this means the Superferry would need 2 hours to unload the cars. Ferry officials said that they could live with the other restrictions the Judge ordered but this was “clearly not doable at all” as it would prevent them from keeping the time schedule they need to make the island daily stops. More to come.

*****What Do Vermont, Minnesotta and Hawaii Have In Common?*****

I do have an answer here! According to the 2007 edition of Americas Health Ranking Hawaii is the third healthiest state in the union. Who was first? Vermont followed by Minnesotta.

*****Wiki Wiki Bus To Be Replaced And A Question For You*****

One of the trademarks of the Honolulu Airport, the Wiki Wiki bus, is being replaced by a 45 million dollar air conditioned walkway corridor. Construction will start later this month and will last for a year. This is a part of the 2006 airport expansion plan that was put into place by the Lingle administration. What I could not find on the internet is;
When was the Wiki Wiki Shuttle first used? Exact year is not required but I’d love for you to email me with your earliest memory of it.

*****Kauai’s Last Sugar Mill To Produce Ethanol*****

Gay and Robinson, the last active sugar mill on Kauai, is looking into turning the less profitable sugar production into ethanol production. The new plant, which is set to break ground this December or early January, will produce up to 12 millions gallons of ethanol, a grain based fuel. The hopes are that the plant will be up and running by 2008 producing 25% of the 10% gasoline based ethanol blends that the state uses. The existing 7,500 sugar acres will be used to manufacture the energy substitute and this will preserve 230 jobs and is also projected to create 100 more. On Sunday it was announced by Gay and Robinson that in response to the communities concerns, and their own wishes to “stay green”, coal will not be used as the energy source; instead they will be using bagasse (suger cane juice) and cane trash. Gay and Robinson sugar mill is located in Kekaha on the way to Waimea Canyon.

Kauai News, Latest Listings and Closed Transactions

Lynda Gill Aloha! The Kiahuna Plantation has been busy, busy, busy with homeowners coming in for the Association meeting this next weekend. I live at the Poipu Kai Resort and it’s also been full! Beside the two days of rain here in Poipu we’ve been enjoying great weather.

*****Kauai Island Wide New Listings and Closed Sales*****
Here is your updated list of the past real estate activity island wide. If you have any questions give me a call. Click here………….

Kauai Real Estate Sales and New Listings

*****$80 Million Judgement Against GO! Airlines*****
An $80 Million Dollar lawsuit was ruled against Go! Airlines by a Federal Judge this week in favor of Hawaiian Airlines. Go! Airlines kept confidential information it was supposed to destroy or return to Hawaiian Airlines, after the information exchange the upstart company used the information to determine if it was viable to enter into the Hawaii market on its own which they did with great success. Costs of litigation and attorneys fees were also awarded to Hawaiian Airlines.

*****Superferry Looking To Set Sail November 15*****
The House voted 39 to 11 to allow the Superferry to operate while an Environmental Study is being done. The legislature that the House and Senate voted in is:
Superferry to post a dedicated Whale watcher

Governor Lingle to craft operational restrictions for the Superferry which include:
Protection of Marine Life; Water Quality; Traffic Control; Public Safety; Invasive Species; Cultural Resources and Impact On Economy

Prohibits the Superferry company to sue the State of Hawaii

Opens up an investigation as to why the company was granted the exemption in the first place

Governor Lingle is expected to ask Judge Cardoza to overturn his October 9th ruling which prohibitad the Superferry from entering Maui waters. Linda Lingle maintains that the Judges ruling was made under the old law and now there new legislation. Groups on Kauai and Maui that opposed the Superferry are waiting for the Governor to release her operational restrictions to make sure they have enough teeth, the same groups are considering a possible lawsuit if the Judge does over rule his prior judgement.

*****The 25th Quicksilver Eddie Aihau Big Wave Invitational*****
Kauai residents Andy and Bruce Irons have been among the 28 surfers invited to “The Eddie” surf contest held on November 29th on Oahus north shore. Surfer from Asia, South America, Africa and Europe will be here at this huge event. The meet was last held in 2004 and Bruce Irons won it and has been invited back to defend his title.

*****Fire In Kokee*****
Six acres burned in Kokee starting at 3:12 pm last Sunday and was out by 6:40 pm. Fires started 3 miles up Kokee Road. No lives or property were damaged and the fire is not under investigation.