Aloha and Mahalo for visiting this site, which I hope will enlighten you about the many issues and decision points confronting buyers here on Kauai.

You will be best served if you keep in mind the following:


This is a wonderful place in which to invest your time and money, but extreme care must be taken in the selection process: depending on your goals (personal use and financial) you will find that certain properties and/or locales will be totally inappropriate. My Bet: Once your purchase parameters are fully defined the short list of properties acceptable to you will be less than a dozen.

My personal website is under (re)construction. In it, as here, I invite readers to contact me by phone -(808-652-2760) from 8am-6PM Hawaii Time 7 Days – to discuss any point, ask any questions or to request additional information. Short of us being able to sit across from each other nothing beats having a phone conversation. As we say here “Let’s talk story”.

All the best,

Bob Lendahl

Below is my first posting for the website which to my way of thinking puts the matter of representing Buyers in perspective:

E Komo Mai….Welcome….to the launch of the Kauai Buyer’ Agent Blog.

Let’s Be Clear:

Though It Only Takes 2 To Tango….It Takes 4 to Make For A Perfect Real Estate Transaction.

Someone once said “Having one agent represent both a Buyer and a Seller is about as logical as having three people dancing together”.

Of course I was that someone, and believe the analogy, though corny, makes the point very well. A Buyer’s Agent does everything in his / her power to unconditionally serve the buying client in obtaining the right property at the right price AND for the right reasons. There is no bias, no compromise in searching options, no other constraints.

Don’t misconstrue: The Seller’s Agent and the Buyer’s Agent are not in mortal combat, but rather both working with unconditional loyalty to their respective client and with one another to achieve a successful transaction for both parties.