An Earlier Posting Closed With These Big Questions:

How do you identify a Realtor with the sales experience, island knowledge, business sense, the interest and the willingness to put the time and energy into helping you make an informed decision? Can it be the same person regardless of the category that best describes you as you enter the marketplace? Isn’t that what is needed?

Imagine running a “Help Wanted” ad: “Seeking a Kauai Buyer’s Agent possessing all of these skills: Educator-Facilitator-Advisor-Negotiator.” What if 50 Realtors respond?

So: How Do You Select The Buyer’s Agent To Represent You and Your Interests?

First, think about eliminating part-time and freshly minted realtors.

Next, insist on receiving a resume giving history in real estate transactions (on Kauai), and references of persons that have been represented by the Realtor on the Buying side.

Then, ask about getting information on credentials and formal training.

Finally, focus on selecting a Realtor with business experience and connections to bankers, service providers and others needed to be sure all aspects of buying and owning are first rate, as well as one able and ready to enlighten you about tax rates, zoning, property uses and warnings.

Good start! Now think about this:

Kauai is, as you know or can surmise, very rural and consists of many distinct areas: think of them as “villages” and you begin to understand that there are many things unique to each, and about which you as a Buyer might want to be informed, such as schools, churches, parks, specialty shops / services, stores, medical facilities, cultural / historical places, best neighborhoods, best real estate values, and “best kept secrets”.

Do you believe that any one Buyer’s Agent would be versed in all these local matters in every “village” and could truly help you in making an informed decision about one over the other, and regardless if you are a first time Buyer or experienced investor or someone in between?

I think not, and that is why the Brokerage with which I am affiliated has formed an alliance with a core group of highly qualified “local” Realtors to function as a team for Buyers wanting to focus on a particular investment vehicle, an area, areas to consider, or one area over another. Thus, for example, if a Buyer is not sure about choosing Poipu over Princeville, Koloa Town over Kapa’a, the North Shore over the East, West or South Shore, inland over Oceanside, the team will each be put to the task of working with the Buyer in their area of expertise and handed over to another team member as appropriate for “comparison shopping”.

You may ask, what’s in it for me?

Simply put: With the team approach you will have the assurance of receiving island –wide broad and deep information on which to base a purchase decision…and at no cost to you!.

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