For Starters:

If you opened up a recent issue of HOMES&LAND of KAUAI you would find:

295 properties listed (out of 1,000+ fee-simple only currently active on the market)


129 realtors representing the Sellers named (out of 600+ Realtors currently registered with the Kauai Board of Realtors)


Using the Hawaii Information Services website you could find all 1000+ Kauai properties currently listed and where they are generally located (in 5 distinct districts) plus the names and contact information for the Realtors representing the Sellers.

This begs the question:

How does a potential Buyer make sense of this, especially if by remote control from the mainland for example? In PART 2 below I will suggest a course of action to consider.


A specific course of action for your consideration is dependent first and foremost upon your knowledge of Kauai and the distinct sub-regions of the island you will or wish to consider as acceptable to you. This decision will have great impact on the cost, type and possibly uses to which you will be able to put the property you ultimately select.

One extreme is the person or couple with no preconceived notion of location preferred and probably unaware of the many advantages or disadvantages of one sub-region over another.

The best Agent for this category of Buyer is first and foremost an Educator.

At the other end of the spectrum is the person or couple with a laser sharp focus on a given area, and probably very tight specifications for the property itself.

The best Agent for this category of Buyer is a skilled Negotiator.

In between are those that have a familiarity with Kauai and feel they only need help in sorting through options that fit their purchase model.

The best Agent for this category of Buyer is a Facilitator and later Advisor before all else.

Which Buyer are you? How do you identify a Realtor with the sales experience, island knowledge, business sense, the interest and the willingness to put the time and energy into helping you make an informed decision? Can it be the same person regardless of the category that best describes you as you enter the marketplace? Isn’t that what is needed?

Imagine running a “Help Wanted” ad: “Seeking a Kauai Buyer’s Agent possessing all of these skills: Educator-Facilitator-Advisor-Negotiator.” What if 50 Realtors respond?

Watch for this post: Selecting Your Champion.

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