E Komo Mai….Welcome….to the launch of the Kauai Buyer’ Agent Blog.

Let’s Be Clear:

Though It Only Takes 2 To Tango….It Takes 4 to Make For A Perfect Real estate Transaction.

Someone once said “Having one agent represent both a Buyer and a Seller is about as logical as having three people dancing together”.

Of course I was that someone, and believe the analogy, though corny, makes the point very well. A Buyer’s Agent does everything in his / her power to unconditionally serve the buying client in obtaining the right property at the right price AND for the right reasons. There is no bias, no compromise in searching options, no other constraints.

Don’t misconstrue: The Seller’s Agent and the Buyer’s Agent are not in mortal combat, but rather both working with unconditional loyalty to their respective client and with one another to achieve a successful transaction for both parties.

Upcoming topics, in addition to those you will request, include:

> Property Assessments, Property Tax Rates, and Property Zoning /Usages

> What’s in a name? VDA (Vacation Destination Area); ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit)

> What about Agricultural land, dedicated and otherwise ?

> Legal and Code of Ethics issues in representation and Agency.

> First Things First: Finding the Right Agent Trumps Searching for the Right Property

> The voices of the Island Watchdogs

Please join in with your comments or questions. Malaho, Bob Lendahl

2 Responses to “On Kauai the Sun Does Shine but Confusion May Reign”
  1. Bill Kraft says:

    My wife and I had a great experience buying our wonderful 3BR/3bath condo at Hanalei Bay Resort with Bob as our Buyer’s Agent. Even though I practiced law for many years and was involved in countless real estate transactions, I believe in using someone with local knowledge and Bob was the guy. He attended to every detail and demonstrated the highest integrity. A broker representing the buyer’s interests is critical in my view, and Bob performed admirably.

  2. Bob says:


    I thank you for your comments. Though I’d asked you to critique the new site (look-tone-topics planned) you chose to critique me. My dear Mother had the expression “SPS” (Self Praise Stinks), so you saved me from her wrath. Mahalo!

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