Kapoho Tide Pool Proposal Approved

DLNR has approved a proposal by a landowner in the Kapoho area to restore an old, deteriorated fishpond in Kapoho. This is a 4.3 acre fishpond that was built sometime before 1893 and maintained until the mid-1900s. However, in recent years, the pond has fallen into disrepair. His proposal was to restore the pond it about a foot above the high-tide mark and leaving it ungated as a no-fishing zone. Of course, traditional, cultural, and religious practices in the area would still be allowed under the PASH (Public Access to Shoreline in Hawaii) laws. The owner still has to submit a preservation plan to DLNR’s State Historic Preservation Division. He’ll also have to submit preservation plans and consult with the Division of Aquatic Resources to stop or at least minimize the spread of invasive algae.

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