Bill Facker
Bill Facker, RA
Accredited Buyers Representative
ReMax Kauai

Welcome to my Blog! Over the coming months and years I’ll attempt to share my passion for the most beautiful island on our planet .. Kauai. Hang on for the ride and visit often! I hope my writings bring Kauai into your mind and heart. “She” is a very special lady!

I look forward to sharing my personal & unique real estate views & tales on this Blog, and invite you to look at www.kauaibill.com for your specific Kauai real estate needs.

So, read my stuff … and if you like what you read, give me a call and let’s find your home on Beautiful Kauai.

Wishing you great Health, Wealth, and Happiness!

Bill Facker, RA (ABR)
Cell: (808) 634-8392
email: bfack1@msn.com
website: www.kauaibill.com

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