Sunday in Poipu

Today is one of those special times that seem to happen “out of the blue” .. just when refreshment is most needed. Today I have been given a renewed gift of “visitor empathy & awareness”.

I’m sitting Open House in a lovely condominium for sale at the Manualoha condominium complex. The day is absolutely Classic Kauai; soft trades, bright sun, perfect temperature, and brilliantly colored purple bougainvillea draped magnificently over the carport just outside the window. The ocean is less than five minutes walk from the condo and the swimming pool is between the two .. just in case you only have two and a half minutes of energy. Another perfect day to settle on the beach or melt into a soft chair at the pool for that lazy afternoon sun session. This day, and many others like it, is why I love my island home.

There have been many folks popping in to view the condo today. I’ve been blessed to interact with a family visiting from far away Georgia, a single lady from southern California, a lovely older couple from northern California, and a couple from Canada .. to point out just a few. Everyone is so happy to be in this beautiful place and all of them share the common dream of owning their personal space on lovely Kauai. They are all vibrant, smiling, and excited to be here. For some, this visit is the culmination of many dreams and they see the Kauai with fresh eyes, the same way I first saw Her beauty back in 1967 as a young military man during my first visit.

Yes, today has been a gift .. a reminder I am responsible for accurate information and hard work on behalf of these fine folks who dream of owning their own place on Kauai. And, most importantly, I am responsible for what they carry in their hearts when they go back to their homes. I am responsible to demonstrate Aloha.

Today is a special day for me .. a day of new realization. This kind of day seems to happen frequently on the worlds most wonderful island. Come on over, there is plenty of Aloha to share and we will find your place in paradise.

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