Small town living .. Kalaheo style

Kalaheo Post Office

I live only two blocks from the Kalaheo Post Office and it is my daily ritual to stop by and check the mail. In this “age of electronika” we seem to have less and less actual human contact, as a more readily accessable “virtual contact” becomes the norm. This simple trip to “my” post office is a refreshing interlude from restraints imposed by glaring computer screens and seemingly never ending “cell phone captivation”. What a fascinating show of humanity one can observe as the glass portals to the home of our mail service swing to and fro. If there was no other place to imprint the beautiful faces of our neighbors into the collective familiarity of our community, it wouldn’t matter .. we have the post office. We may never actually stop and have a conversation, but we “know” each other and we are bonded by this common place we attend on a daily basis. This is a place we all feel comfortable in .. this is a place we all have pride of ownership in .. it is a symbol of decency and common daily toil we can all connect with .. it is OUR Post Office, and that feels good.

That’s just a tiny part of the wonder of Small town living .. Kalaheo style. Come on over, I’ll help you find your place in this special community .. it can be “your” post office too! Aloha, Bill

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