“Light at the end of the Tunnel”

I am fortunate to enjoy the incredible beauty of a walk that begins and ends at the front door of our Kalaheo home. The photo above is a small section of this five mile trek .. a hike showcasing wonder and magic, courtesy of the Garden Island. Over the years, this “escape” into the bounty of Kauai has been invaluable. This is the place I leave my troubles, my worries, and those “future” doubts that have irritated all of us as our world recently seemed to spin wildly out of control. Nature offers up sanity when all else appears to be fragmented and disfunctional.

Today, as I walked, the sudden realization struck me that our planet and Her people have not so much suffered over the last few years as we have grown .. grown into a new awareness that truly does emphasize finding the place we are happiest, inside and out. When this “hit” me between the ears, I couldn’t help but smile, knowing I am better equipped than ever before to have a new understanding of how important the “place” is to my Clients in this new, improved world. It was a lucky thought .. one that made me aware we are all going to look at the home purchase through wiser eyes in a more intelligent manner. It’s getting better, Folks .. and I suggest it is going to get even better than we imagine.

May I humbly recommend a good walk, some clear thinking, and a positive knowledge we are on the way to new heights. Please, put on a wonderful smile, come enjoy paradise, and find YOUR place on Magical Kauai .. the time is right and there IS “Light at the end of the Tunnel”. Call me .. I’ll happily tell you where my walk is .. the more smiling people, the better .. Welcome to YOUR new improved World!

Aloha, Bill Facker

P.S. Median Prices for homes during the month of February, where I walk, were down 39.91% .. Smiling? :)

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