• The 4th of July 2010 is past and Kauai was alive with sights, sounds, & smells of fireworks in honor of our Freedom. In these trying times, no matter what one thinks of current events and situations, it is always good to remember we have our Freedom. If we don’t like “IT”, we are free to voice our opinion about “IT”. We can travel the highways and byways of our nation at will. Those two facts alone make our country a pretty nice place to hang your hat. If you are one of the fortunate persons who hangs your hat on Kauai, I believe you are doubly blessed .. not counting the swim to visit relatives in Los Angeles, of course. Contact me for your Kauai real estate needs and I’ll throw in a Rubber Ducky innertube at closing to help with that little problem :) And, dear reader, know that because our nation IS filled with wonderful people, we WILL pull out of this current funk. Real estate is still the best investment … especially on Kauai ! Enjoy your Freedom and come see me while this incredible Buyers Market is still alive.
    Aloha, Bill

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