Your Piece of Kauai’s Nature

Aloha All!

Those of you who live in the Cities of the world “do it” .. Country Folk “do it” .. People in the desert “do it” .. and we certainly “do it” on the Beautiful Garden Island. Yeah Baby, we all “Do It” … We all look at the Beauty of Nature around us.

Is Nature more beautiful from one place to another? Is it more wondrous to view nature on the most Beautiful Island of Earth (Kauai, of course), with the endless bounty of tropical plants, than to have a flower box on the window of a high rise in New York? There are moments of wonder over a single flower in the desert. Because of the starkness surrounding that “lonely lovely”, its beauty literally explodes to the eye.

No doubt, nature is beautiful everyplace … with no exceptions to the wonder of it all.

But, “Yeah Baby” there’s just so much more of it on Kauai! And you have the opportunity to Get over here and enjoy this phenomenal Buyers Market!

And with that, I share a beautiful Orchid from my yard with you …

YOUR Piece of Kauai’s Nature. Enjoy!

(Click on photo to enlarge)

Wishing you great Health, Wealth, & Happiness

Bill Facker RA
Accredited Buyers Representative
Cell: (808) 634-8392

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