Laulima & Kokua Kauai

As described in the Hawaiian Dictionary, composed in part by the late, great Mary Kawena Pukui, the word “laulima” refers to a group of people working together. Another word commonly used for this spirit of cooperative effort is one of my favorite Hawaiian words, Kokua.

You may have read my prior writing about our 1941 Plantation Home in Kalaheo. I’m happy to report that Darlene and I are enjoying this wonderful home & the neighborhood where it resides even more than we ever anticipated … now, two years after purchasing. There is a “feeling” here that borders on the ethereal … a feeling that I’m certain is based on those who resided in this neighborhood before. In a place that has a history of Japanese and Portugese inhabitants, this Haole has been made to feel most welcome, and part of the fabric of this place I consider the best community on Kauai. I like to think this is, in part, because we take great pride in our yard and attempt to contribute to the beauty of our surroundings. This is the way Darlene and I can Kokua or Laulima in respecting our neighbors, their history, and the history of our home. This is how we can show our appreciation and respect for the Aina of Kauai.

The feeling of acceptance has been so overwhelming to me, that I must say I’ve learned a great life lesson from the generosity of my neighbors. I plan, in the future, to suggest to my Valuable Clients that they ask themselves what they can do to Kokua or Laulima for the neighborhood they are purchasing a home in. I’m certain this spirit of cooperative effort will assure my Clients (and me, as their Agent) not only a beautiful environment, but acceptance into that community. A well kept yard seems to garner instant positive recognition.

It is ethereal, isn’t it? “Working” in the yard must be one of life’s great pursuits. Sitting at dusk in a freshly mown yard with your plants smiling at you is a great moment in time. As a Realtor, I think it might be imperative that I Kokua to the neighborhood by at least suggesting to my Clients the benefits (both aesthetic and social) of exercising those two beautiful Hawaiian words … Laulima and Kokua.

Wishing each of you great Health, Wealth, and Happiness! Aloha!

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