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I’m freezing! That’s right, I’m sitting in my home office (yes, the 1941 Gem in Kalaheo) freezing. Okay, so I’m not really freezing, but it’s ONLY 79 degrees today and raining, and that feels a little chilly in a comparative analysis to the “norm” of sunny days and mid 80′s we usually enjoy on the Garden Isle in winter. Whoops, the sun just popped out … ahhh, Beautiful Kauai! I must say, those poor souls on the Mainland have really been getting “hit” with awful weather this week. I spoke to my cousin yesterday .. it was 9 degrees in Casper, Wyoming! My good buddy in Kansas City is digging out of an ice “attack”, and the East Coast … forget about it! Okay, you know it’s coming, so let me go ahead and get the sales pitch out of the way … YOU COULD BE ON KAUAI! IT’S A BUYERS MARKET! GET OFF THE FENCE AND CALL ME! DO IT NOW! (I stole that last phrase from COPS ). Hey, it always works for them! There just ain’t that much here, folks, and who can guess how much more development can be sustained or will be allowed on this most beautiful place … okay, argueably the most beautiful place on earth. But hey, my friend in Las Vegas says the desert is “actually very pretty”. I’m so looking forward to doing the breast stroke across those blazing sands!
In 1988, we moved into Kalaheo Pali Kai condos. I was working at the Westin in Lihue at INN ON THE CLIFFS .. possibly the greatest restaurant venue every to exist on Kauai, and Darlene was working at the same resort, different restaurant. Those were truly Glory Days for our little island in the Pacific. A true visionary and developer by the name of Chris Hemmeter was at the peak of his creative power, and the result of his effort was Westin Kauai Lagoons. He also created a little joint on the Big Island where you swim with dolphins, but that’s not part of this story. What an amazing time it was! I recall the opening of Kauai Lagoons and the various reactions by the Kama’aina of Kauai. There were bumper stickers with Chris Hemmeters name in the center of a red circle and a red slash through it, like a No Smoking sign. In fact, there were many bumper stickers of protest in various forms … Kauai Lagoons wasn’t the most popular entity to “come down the pike”. Prior to the grand opening of this 800+ acre resort, the old Kauai Surf sat lazily by, as waves kissed the sands of Kalapaki Beach, and the fear of this new “monster” completely overtaking Kauai was making waves of its own. In fact, the face of Kauai was going to change … and many feared it would be for the worse.
Well, as is the case for nearly everything on Kauai, magic happened. Without giving you the long version, suffice it to say that Westin Kauai Lagoons is emblazoned into the hearts of many Kama’aina who were blessed to work there and enjoy the Spirit of Aloha which grew exponentially from 1987 until Hurricane Iniki came to “play”. Those years were my training ground for learning why Kauai is so incredible … it is Her People. In my life I’ve been fortunate to live in many places, but no place has the admirable Society that is present on this Island. Kauai is inhabited by people who have exhibited incredible flexibility in the path of growth, both past and present. The resilience and loving Spirit of her children is, possibly, the most special feature of this beautiful place. It is difficult to watch your home change … I know, I watched my childhood home in Colorado go from a sleepy little one horse town to a bustling tourist mecca. My favorite fishing places were all of a sudden fenced off .. places I used to hunt deer (I don’t do that anymore) were suddenly POSTED – NO TRESPASSING, and you can now drive to places it took me two days and one overnight camp to reach as a youth. Over the years I’ve come to realize we can’t keep people from wanting to be in the most beautiful places .. it’s a natural event. After all, I came to Kauai and I certainly understand why anyone else would come to Kauai … She is the most wonderful island on earth. With a world that is experiencing huge population growth, we know that all places are going to be more populated in the near future. The best we can achieve is INTELLIGENT PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT of this growth .. not only on Kauai, but everywhere. And the best we can hope for is that people everywhere can be as resilient and flexible in accepting change as the people of Kauai.
I regress, I started writing this piece to tell you about the wonderful years we spent at Kalaheo Pali Kai and how I’ve just been blessed to help negotiate a deal for my clients to make a unit in Pali Kai their new home. I’m particularly pleased because they are Kama’aina (People of this earth .. Kauai) and I feel that maybe, just maybe, I’m giving back in a small way to the people of Kauai who have given me so much for the last 20 years. If you are blessed to come be a part of Kauai, I highly recommend opening your heart to Her Children and enjoying their ways. Make your footprint a soft one and I promise, you will be forever profoundly changed …. and you will be forever grateful. But don’t wait long, “There just ain’t that much here, folks !” and Beautiful Kauai is a rare and fragile gem that can only sustain so many souls. Wishing you great Health, Wealth, & Happiness. Aloha!
P.S. Kalaheo Pali Kai Condos – A wonderful place to live .. with a valley full of birds singing, views all the way down to Poipu, and the majestic Pueo gliding by your lanai … that IS what this Blog Entry was about … Right? Wishing you great Health, Wealth, & Happiness. Aloha!

Bill Facker RA
Accredited Buyers Representative
Cell: (808) 634-8392
Email: bfack1@msn.com
Website: www.kauaibill.com

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