1941 Kalaheo Gem

1941 Kalaheo Gem

Sometime in 2006 I happened to take my Clients to view a small home in Kalaheo. The home was described on MLS as follows:

“Completely renovated home in Kalaheo town. Restored to maintain its original plantation style, charm, and architecture. New kitchen and bathroom with oak cabinets and new appliances. New flooring throughout.”

After our visit, I was certain this was the perfect home for my Clients. It was absolutely beautiful. The neighborhood was quiet, as per their request. The yard was small and manageable, perfect for their retirement. There was a very healthy Panix “fence” growing between this house and the neighboring property, providing the privacy my Clients required. It had covered parking for three vehicles … how unusual is that! The parking was excellent because it consisted of a detached two car covered car port, and another one car port that was attached to the home and covered by the existing peaked roof. The architecture looked good, and I immediately pointed out to the folks they could very easily “frame in” that four hundred square foot area, adding a third bedroom and second bathroom, if they wished. This would be advantageous for future value, since the home was now 872 sq ft with 2BR/1BA … all they had to do was have the floor and walls completed – it was already roofed! So, before we even stepped in the front door, I knew this was the home for them!

Walking into that small home in Kalaheo was truly a feast for the eyes. The contractor who did the renovation did an absolutely fantastic job. It looked brand new! Now that may not sound impressive to you, but consider the fact that this home was originally constructed in 1941 … that’s right, 1941. When I tell you it looked brand new, I mean it looked as if we had gone back in time to 1941 and the home had just been constructed. We were standing in a home that “felt good” … you know what I mean … like there had always been happiness and good times … it just “felt good”. The interior architecture was awesome! The living room still had the three original “sash” windows that worked perfectly, and all other windows in the home were sideways sliding “pocket” windows which moved horizontally into the walls. The ceilings were beautifully unique, and every single room had angles that reminded one of the homes age and heritage. This place was a plantation “gem” of the highest order … a rare treat for anyone who places value on the rich heritage of Hawaiian Architecture and who wants to experience the romance of “days gone by”.

I was shocked when my Clients didn’t buy that home. It fit every single criteria they had given me, and then some. It’s location in Kalaheo couldn’t have been better. One could walk to the Post Office, the grocery, several restaurants, the pharmacy, and several churches. Three gas stations were within a four block radius, and the smell of newly acquired gas, whether from a gas station or restaurant, could be effectively masked by the purchase of flowers at your choice of florists. What more could there be? My answer was simple … there could be no more.

Well friends, I felt I had complied with my Clients every request and met all their criteria in that beautiful 1941 Kalaheo Gem, but it wasn’t to be. I’m over it now, because I did eventually help them find their special place on Beautiful Kauai.

As for me, I sit here looking out those three original “sash” windows that continue to work perfectly in MY 1941 Kalaheo Gem, and life is good. Guess it proves the old adage “There’s a home for everyone”. I know you will find yours. Aloha!

Bill Facker RA
Accredited Buyers Representative
Cell: (808) 634-8392
Email: bfack1@msn.com
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  1. Howard Payson on December 10th, 2007

    Your clients missed a good thing. Keep up the good work!

  2. Peter Muth on December 12th, 2007

    A great story for a blog site opener! Will keep visiting to see how the market in paradise develops. Peter

  3. Heidi Payson on December 13th, 2007

    So glad we are
    That you’re in that house
    Where Christmas stirs
    And ther’s nary a mouse.
    Surely days are looking good
    You’re doing well

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