Hawaiian Paradise Park – Hawaii- Big Island -Puna District- Road Update

Taken from meeting notes and items from newsletters.

Here are the roads to pave for right now in HPP.

The contract will prepare and  pave approximately 10 miles of cinder roads. Late contracts will improve the four Main roads, improve all intersections and pave additional crossroads. the priliminary selection of the reads are:”

22nd Avenue Makuu to Shower               3 miles

16 Avenue Makuu to kaloli                     2 miles

7th Avenue Makuu to Kaloli                    2 miles

1st Avenue Makuu to Paradise                1mile

K Street East of Beach Drive to E Street to paving on to Paradise Ala Kai, inclujding side streets and stubs.

History Lesson

The land area for Hawaiian Paradise Park and Kings Landing was sold to David Watumull’s father. I believe it wasn’t for a figure necessarily, but an arrangement where by certain things changed hands; for instance, the Watumull building in Honolulu became the Shipman building. (This is one of the things I was told accounted for the sale) I do know that it was in anticipation of statehood that these lots started to be marketed. One of the first lots that I bought was in Block 10, it was $545.00 or something like that. I think it was $85 down and $15 a month at 6%. In those days that wiped me out just to make a down payment, and to try to keep up the payments was something! It’s a funny thing in those days-it wasn’t as easy to sell lots at $795 as it is today to sell lots at five, six, seven, eight or more thousand dollars per lot. Oddly enough, some of the local people who turned up their noses, today are buying now that the prices are greatly increased over what it was at the end of the 1950′s and beginning of the 1960′s. There was a promotion at the very beginning, (I was not here at this several people told me about it). During this promotion lots were made available only to people on the island, next to people within the state, and then it was thrown open to the people on the mainland. I know they had promotions in California, New York, Chicago, Detroit and places like that. As a matter of fact, I bought my first lot in a snow storm in New York City, back in 1959 and it was a sight unseen kind of thing. I took a lot of ribbing from my friends but when I came here to look at the lot I liked it well enough that I decided I was going to stay. I could definitely see a future here, despite some of the discouraging things that were said by local people. I know I had a hard time getting my first poker game going out here, because people didn’t think that I had a bathroom or any kind of facilities whatsoever and they were very reluctant to come out. I was the only resident, so I guess I am the first permanent resident, of the sub-division. I was here a couple of years before the next families came, one was Coombs who built the house that the Mishimoras occupy now, and the other was St. Croix.

Roads For HPP

The Hawaiian Paradise Park Owners Association has borrowed $12 million it expects will pave most of the Puna subdivision’s 112 miles of cinder roads.

“We hope to be seeking (paving) bids no later than August,” association President Frank Annin said Tuesday. “We feel it can be completed in two years once started (late this year).”

The bid prices, he said, will determine how many miles of road get paved.

Puna’s largest subdivision, HPP has four access roads, all of which are paved. Also, 28th Avenue, a portion of 31st Avenue, Pohaku Circle, Beach Road and part of Paradise Ala Kai are no longer cinder.

Some residents have complained of more drivers speeding since certain side roads received smoother surfaces.

Getting the money to do the paving has been a three-year effort by the association’s board of directors, Annin said. The board considered federal loans, private financing and a county improvement district offering a low-interest loan.

“This was the one that actually became available to us,” he said of selling investment bonds to French bank Dexia Credit Local.

The association will repay the 20-year loan, issued at 6.92 percent interest, with the yearly road fees it charges owners of the subdivision’s 8,627 lots, Annin said.

“It will not affect the road maintenance fees other than the 10 percent increase that has been levied each year for the last several years,” Annin said.

HPP lot owners must now pay $163 yearly to maintain the private roads. That tax is set to jump to $179 next Jan. 1.

Annin said the maximum 10 percent annual increase in road dues is in place until 2014, after which the board will reassess the funding situation.

No special assessments or liens will be placed on the individual lots, he said.

The financing process drew praise from Ted Hong, a Hilo attorney who helped serve as local bond counsel.

“This a great example of people going out on their own and not relying on government,” said Hong, a former Hawaii County assistant corporation counsel and state labor negotiator.

Hong suggested HPP’s efforts to pave its roads likely will serve as a model for other substandard subdivisions whose owners are demanding improved infrastructure.

The paving project garnered supportive votes from more than 85 percent of the lot owners who responded to a January 2007 poll, Annin said.

News that the loan has been obtained also was welcomed by the lot owners, he said.

“At the general membership meeting Sunday, they were extremely pleased with the announcement,” Annin said.

Cross streets generating the most traffic, having the most homes or with the greatest maintenance needs will receive priority when the paving work starts, he said.

Emphasis also will be given to roads the Fire Department deems important, he said.

A road committee has been set up to determine the paving specifications and which roads will get asphalt, he said.

Jason Armstrong can be reached at jarmstrong@hawaiitribune-herald.com.

Buyers Market

A “Buyer’s Market” is a Great Time to Upgrade

The conventional wisdom is that a “buyer’s market” is a good time to buy and a poor time to sell.  So many people that want to upgrade in a “buyer’s market” are amazed at the low prices of homes and low interest rates… but are hesitant about selling their own house for a reduced price. The fact of the matter is, selling for less doesn’t need to be a deal-breaker.

Buying a bigger, more expensive house may actually be best when there is a “buyer’s market.”  Rather than getting caught up in how much you will “lose” when selling your house (compared to a seller’s market), think about how much more house you’ll be able to get for your money.

Once you’ve committed to upgrading, plan well.  If you can afford to carry two mortgages, buying a new house and keeping your old one until the market changes is ideal… but most people just can’t do that.

Your next best option is to sell first, before you buy, to avoid carrying the load of two mortgages longer than you expected. It can be scary to sell your home before you have another one, but in most situations you can find a place to stay and store your belonging while you find something to buy.

Be sure to take the time to look for good deals, because there will be a lot of houses for sale that have been on the market for a long time and the sellers will be especially ready to negotiate.  Another advantage of a “buyer’s market” is that, as a buyer, you can ask for a better deal. Feel free to ask sellers to make repairs, include appliances or furniture, or throw in other goodies when making an offer.

You really can get a great deal and “move on up” in island living during a “buyer’s market.” Take advantage of it!

Hawaiian Paradise Park is a quiet, large, residential subdivision in Puna, sometimes shortened to HPP. It is located makai (ocean-side) of Highway 130 somewhere before the 3 and just past the 6 mile markers on Highway 130. The main roads of Hawaiian Paradise Park are Shower Drive, Kaloli Drive, Paradise Drive, and Makuu Drive, in that order if you are driving South (from Keaau towards Pahoa). Directly across the Highway is the subdivision of Orchidland Estates.

Kaloli, Paradise, and Makuu all run over three miles to the ocean and are paved. Most of the crossroads are currently red cinder. The top-most crossroad is 32nd Street, and the bottom most complete road is 1st Street. The drive from the highway to the ocean is over 3 miles. The crossroads between Paradise and Makuu and Kaloli and Shower are all about 1 mile long. The HPP community association website has a gorgeous aerial picture of the entire area.

Hawaiian Paradise Park a.k.a HPP

Hawaiian Paradise Park is located in the Puna District of East Hawaii, approximately 15 miles southeast of Hilo. This subdivision fronts State Highway 130 and stretches 4 miles to the Pacific Ocean and is 3 1/2 miles wide. It is the second largest private subdivision in the United States with over 8800 building lots, most of which are one acre in size My wife Manu and our ten year old Tahigwa are looking forward to moving into our new home in the Kaloli Point area of HPP. Our new home will also serve as somewhat of a branch office for our real estate practice. We look forward to meeting all of our neighbors


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