Family Friendly Kona

Your Guide to Family Friendly Real Estate in Kona


Monica Hayward


I’ve always been taught that you should write about what you know. I am a Realtor, and a mom, and when I’m not working to help people like you buy or sell properties here in Kona, I am usually doing family activities. I have found that I tend to have the same conversations over and over, every time I talk to new people who are moving to Hawaii. Where to find the best beaches for kids… playgrounds… kid friendly restaurants… where can the kids ride bikes… (And the same issues come up for grownups too).

So my plan with this blog is to share with you the things that I know. That would be real estate here in Kona, of course, with a focus on properties that work well to meet the needs of families, along with stories about how we live, and how we play.

If you ever have any questions, either about buying or selling property on the Big Island, or just about day to day life here, I am always happy to help.

As always, mahalo for visiting, and best wishes!


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