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Five Under $500,000

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Jun 26th, 2007


As you have probably heard, we are experiencing a “buyer’s market” here in Kona. We have a lot of inventory, and not so many buyers. A couple of years ago, if you were shopping for a home in Kona, you could expect to have a limited number of choices, you would need to offer close to asking price, and you might even wind up competing with other buyers for the same property, with the home selling for more than the asking price. Not so today.

Today buyers have a lot of properties to choose from. Sellers are reducing their prices, and buyers are able to negotiate much more than they could a few years ago.

I ran a search today for homes in Kona priced up to $500,000, and I was surprised to see 43 listings come up. That’s a lot of choices. I am picking a selection of the available homes to mention here.

1.Pualani Estates, MLS 189059. Offered at $496,500. 3BD/2BA, 1146 sq.ft., built in 2005, in a new community, with a park.
Pualani Estates MLS 189059

2.Lokahi Makai: There are currently 4 homes in Lokahi Makai priced under $500k. Lokahi Makai is a new community of energy efficient homes, with a 4 acre park, and sidewalks. All of these are 3BD/2BA. MLS 175830 (1344 sq.ft.), 189130 (1296 sq.ft.), 190161 (1153 sq.ft.) are all offered at $495k (these three are all short sales – any offers will be subject to lender review and approval). MLS 195526 (1154 sq.ft.) is offered at $499k. The photo below is for mls 175830.
Lokahi Makai, MLS 175830

3.The Pines: MLS 185544. 3BD/2BA, 1209 sq.ft. Offered at $445,000. Homes in the Pines are technically “condos” but they look like houses. Each condo is a separate building, with its own small yard, and a garage. The exteriors are considered common area, and are maintained by the homeowners association. So you have your own space, but not as much upkeep as with a regular house. This is the lowest priced 3 bedroom in the Pines.
The Pines, MLS 185544

4.Kona Heights: MLS 191126. This one is a 3/2, 1024 sq.ft., and remodeled. Kona Heights is an older neighborhood (this home was built in 1978), and is conveniently close to town.
Kona Heights, MLS 191126

5.194862: Kona Wonderview. 3BD/3BA. Over 1700 sq ft of living area. Offered at $425,000. This home was built in 1974.
Kona Wonderview, MLS 194862

It looks like there are some great deals out there! If you want to look at the whole list of homes under $500,000 in Kona, I have posted it on my website at this address: And if you would like more information on any of these properties, please let me know. You can post a reply to this blog, or email me directly at

And what’s coming next… The Best Dinner in Kona.

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Monica Hayward, Realtor (B)
Coldwell Banker Maryl Realty

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