David Deweese John Dirgo

David and John moved to the Big Island in 2000, after spending a grand total of 4 hours here while on vacation. While vacationing on O’ahu, they flew over to Hilo one afternoon to take a helicopter ride over the Kilauea Volcano (which was incredible, by the way, you should try it). They flew back to O’ahu later that day and were already planning their move to the Big Island. Three months later, David arrived on the Big Island and John followed a couple of months later after selling off most of the things either of them owned.

In addition to being an active real estate agent, David is also a Registered Nurse with experience in operating room and intensive care. John is a former computer geek with too many degrees. And yes, every day is a “bad hair day” for him. He also gets really self-conscious writing about himself in the third-person like he is right now.

Contact Information

Cell: (808) 896-5623
Email: david@easthawaiiproperty.com

Cell: (808) 987-9243
Email: john@hawaiirealproperty.com