High, Hot , and Happening!!!

I am so looking at the future of the Big Island as the place to be, buy, live, and explore. High snow covered mountains, hot lava flows, arts and culture. Checking out recent rags that are predicting things to turn around in our real estate market as soon as August of this year. Big Island Economy Forecast I am inspired and love living and working here.
I want to talk to everyone about the things like VOG, Surfing, Fishing, Snorkling, catchment, property values, you name it and lets talk about it. Real estate prices are right again.
I live in Hilo, and also own property in Kapoho and Nanawale.For some basic and specific info on those places, fell free to visit my websiteAloha Coast Realty When I bought my first home here on Wainaku St in Hilo in 2000, everyone said BAD AREA….Crime was the reason. They had a drive by shooting six years ago I was told. I am from Birmingham Alabama, and drive by was weekly. Crime is relative and this is the safest place I have ever been. No drive by has happend here since I moved here. Same for Nanawale in the Puna area. Lived there three years and still have a house there. A great place to live and a wonderful value. Great Practical homes under 200k, and some on oversized lots for under 150k. Close to Hot Ponds, Tide Pools, and short drive to active lava flows that excite me and was the main drive for me to move here. Lets talk and if you come, I will take you on a real estate tour of some of the most incredible places to be, play, buy, and see..
The primary of this blog is Hilo, so hit me up and I will tell you everything I know. Tell me the things that are of interest and I will get that on this blog. This is not about me or to try to sell you anything. So jump in, the water is fine, and lets have some fun.

Hello world!

Aloha and welcome to my new blog, part of the Aloha Living Blog Network. I look forward to sharing with you both a professional and personal perspective on real estate in this area. Stay tuned!