Napoopoo – A Beautiful Place to Live and Care For

9 06 2008

What is happening to Napoopoo Road? The incredible vistas are still there, the farms that dot the hill sides are still there, the history is still there but now there is so much more – TRASH that is. It seems like Napoopoo has developed a major litter problem. It may be the increased traffic going to the expanded refuse center or it could be the lack of drivers using tarps to cover their loads or it could be the lack of stewardship that begun at the very top – the top of Napoopoo.

The intersection of Napoopoo and RT 11, is a dangerous and often times very busy that combined with the recent road work and the anticipation of a bypass – the area has become a dump. A sofa, large truck tires, litter and road debris are scattered all around. It is time for action – is the responsibity of the county to remove the big stuff and then our responsiblities as residents to police and clean up our respective road frontage.

Let us not forget that Napoopoo and Captain Cook is one of the most beautiful places in the world and when people have groen up here or come from all over to live or visit it is a sad sight to see such a growing problem with little response.

Oh ya – for the people that do take it upon themselves to pick up the trash and enjoy morning walks – I say be careful as the drivers go way too fast racing to places instead of slowing down and enjoying the ride and scenery.

Let’s see what we can do to make our road a little bit safer, cleaner and more spectacular.

Until then – A Hui Hou & Malama Napoopoo.



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7 11 2008
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