Captain Cook- Napoopoo Road- What a GREAT Place to Live

10 03 2008

As a resident of Hawai’i for the last 18 years and as the proud co-owner of Ka’awa Loa Plantation Guesthouse and Retreat, I know that I am blessed to live in Captain Cook. Every day I am reminded of this blessing and of my passion to share this blessing with others seeking to find their slice of paradise in Hawai’i'– whether it is the breathtaking vistas, the clear ocean waters, the marine life, the dense and fertile jungles of our cloud forests. Or maybe it is growing estate coffee or working the land in a sustainable agri-tourism manner. If this appeals to you, then Captain Cook can become your special place.

As a realtor, I strive to find my clients what they love the most about living in paradise. A place where they can become a steward of the land and experience their dreams and passions. Sometimes they are looking for the perfect view, beach, or farm but most of all it is to assist them in feeling truly at home in Hawai’i.

I often say that ‘God is not making more of it’ – but then I remember I live on the Big Island – where the aina is alive. On our five acres, I find a new discovery everyday, making me feel more alive and mesmerized then any other time in my life.

Captain Cook has a diversity complete with ocean bungalows, Mauka homesteads, and great local restaurants, inviting stores and interesting museums. And, the real estate market is always good when the product is so unique and desirable as well as a place that you can truly call home.

Michael F. Martinage R(S)
Livingston Realty, Inc.
Your Big Island Bed & Breakfast, Guesthouse and Retreat Specialist

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