We are proud to announce another set of improvements to REsearch. From adding helpful links to external resources to testing a new tool to estimate the status of a mortgage, these enhancements are designed to help you get the most out of your MLS!

Links to County Sites


REsearch offers the most comprehensive statewide database of public records and other property information, fully integrated into the MLS. While we strive to provide everything you need inside the system, we know many users regularly reference information available from the different county websites as well.

We’ve now made it easier than ever to look up a given property on these county websites by including “Open County Site” links in REsearch. These links appear for county tax department website records as well as county building permit office records, when direct links are supported.


Of course, we are continuously updating the tax and building permit information inside of REsearch, as well as working with other data sources. But we hope this enhancement makes it easier to cross-reference county information and saves you valuable time!

Link to the Flood Hazard Assessment Tool


When researching the flood zone of a property, the Flood Hazard Assessment Tool (FHAT), provided by the state, is another commonly used reference. So we’ve added a link to “Check FHAT” on the listing input form, right next to the Flood Zone field!

Self-Service REsearch Password Resets


If you’ve forgotten your REsearch password, or would like to set a new password before logging in, use our new ‘Forgot My Password’ tool. All you need is your username and the email address associated with your REsearch account!

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Mortgage Estimates Now in Beta


We have introduced a beta feature in REsearch that works with loan information from TMK public records to provide rough estimates of the current state of a given mortgage.

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Download Sketches


Appraisers often incorporate the building sketches in REsearch into their own drawing applications. So we’ve added a link to easily download sketch outlines as simple graphic files for easier importing.

External Maps Format


Formerly called the “Property Report” format, we’ve renamed this option to better explain what it provides: links to map providers Google Maps and Bing Maps based on the address and coordinates of a property.


In Case You Missed It: The above enhancements are on top of many improvements that we made to REsearch in the last month:

Many of the new features and improvements added to REsearch come from suggestions and feedback from members like you. As Hawaii’s only local MLS provider, we’re proud to be able to offer a system that’s designed to meet the specific needs of local real estate professionals! Have a suggestion? Please drop us a line!

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Multiple Email Addresses

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