Market IQ Enhanced for Brokers!


Market IQ in REsearch is a powerful statistics tool that provides information on agent, broker, and board-level activity. As part of our goal to better support our member brokers, we’ve enhanced Office ID searches in Market IQ!

How to Combine Offices in Market IQ

You have always been able to find information on more than one office in Market IQ by entering multiple Office ID numbers separated by a comma. Now you can combine numbers for multiple offices into a single row by grouping them between parentheses. This is especially useful when researching brokerages with several offices.

Examples Office ID Searches:

  • 2519, 2259, 4041, 4131 – Show Market IQ data for these four offices.
  • (2519, 2259), 4041, 4131 – Show Market IQ for Office IDs 2519 and 2259 together, and 4041 and 4131 separately.


And by selecting “Show All Offices” in the Office ID search box, you can see how the offices you’ve selected or combined together compare to other offices in REsearch!

More to Come!

Statistics and market reports are a valuable tools for real estate professionals, and we are constantly looking for ways to provide more information and insights in REsearch. (We recently updated our Market Statistics, for example!) From small changes to all-new features, if there’s something that you’d like to see in REsearch, please drop us a line!

This enhancement was developed in response to feedback from members; the best ideas on how to improve REsearch often comes from people like you! If you have a suggestion on how REsearch can be even better, please don’t hesitate to let us know!