Even More Flexible REsearch Map Searches!


Map searches in REsearch allow you to go beyond search fields and filters and draw areas on a map to define where you’d like to look for properties. Now, you can take these drawing tools to the next level with the ability to exclude areas as well!

How to Exclude Areas in a Map Search

When searching for listings, you can show (and hide) the map on which you can both see search results as well as use drawing tools to measure distances and areas and add map-based criteria to your search. REsearch supports rectangle, circle, polygon, and freehand area searches, and you can already define more than one area on your map.

Now, you can select one or more of your map search areas, and with a click, turn them into exclusion zones. Just switch from the “Include” option to the “Exclude” option to change the search area setting.


This simple but useful enhancement allows you to create even more powerful searches, combining MLS and TMK fields with both inclusive and exclusive search areas on the map to find exactly the properties you’re looking for.

For example, you can run a map search covering an entire neighborhood, but use exclusion zones to omit properties near a busy intersection or shopping center. Or you could exclude areas along a busy highway, while including listings with a minimum number of bedrooms below a maximum price.

See it in action!

More to Come!

We are constantly looking for ways to make REsearch maps more useful, including updating and adding layers from multiple sources. If there’s a map feature or map set that you’d like to see, please drop us a line!

This new feature was developed in response to feedback from members; the best ideas on how to improve REsearch comes from people like you! If you have a suggestion on how REsearch can be even better, please don’t hesitate to let us know!