Have Your Contacts Ready to Go!


We know that REsearch is just one of many important tools you use to serve your clients and run your business. Now, you can save both time and effort by importing your address book into REsearch, so your contacts are easy to find and easy to set up as Prospects!

How to Import Contacts into REsearch

Our new “Import Contacts” feature works with two popular email clients: Microsoft Outlook and Google’s Gmail. In fact, it works with any contact management system that can export data in the standard Outlook CSV format. You can find instructions on how to export your contacts into an Outlook CSV format here in our Knowledge Base.

Once you have your export file, you can click the “Import Contacts” button in the REsearch Contacts screen.


On the “Import Contacts” screen, you’ll be able to select your export file, and then choose how you’d like REsearch to handle any duplicate contacts. Any pair of contacts with the same name and email address are considered duplicates. You can:

  • Keep Old, Skip New (Recommended): Add all contacts that don’t already exist in REsearch.
  • Replace Old with New: Add all contacts and replace information for contacts in REsearch with the information being imported.
  • Keep Old, Create New: Add all contacts, even if there are already duplicate contacts in REsearch.

Note that some contact export files can contain hundreds of entries, so you might want to review yours before importing it into REsearch. Google, for example, helpfully provides a “My Contacts” export (separate from an “All Contacts” export) that only includes addresses for people you’ve contacted regularly.

More to Come!

We plan to support contact imports for other systems, and if you’d like to recommend the one you use, please drop us a line! And this enhancement is only the first in a series of improvements that we are working on right now to make Prospects in REsearch easier to use and more useful.

This new feature was developed in response to feedback from members; the best ideas on how to improve REsearch comes from people like you! If you have a suggestion on how REsearch can be even better, please don’t hesitate to let us know!