Easily access your most recent searches and quickly save searches with the new ‘Search History’ feature in REsearch!


Back in a Flash!

When you’re working with a client, or researching your favorite neighborhood, you often use similar search criteria over and over. While you can create a ‘Saved Search,’ sometimes you just want to jump back to a specific search that you ran earlier in the day. Now you can!


search-history-blog-4The new ‘Search History‘ tab, which now appears at the top of the search screen, conveniently displays your most recent searches. And your ‘Search History’ list will stick around, even after you log out of REsearch and come back later in the day, or in the month… the last 50 searches you ran, accessible at anytime.

When you click ‘the Search History’ tab, your recent searches will appear in a list. You can click ‘Run Now‘ to load a recent search again, or name and save it to create a ‘Saved Search.’ The search history list also shows when each search was run, and you can delete a recent search by clicking the red ‘X’ in the last column on the right.

Swifter Saved Searches

You have always been able to run a search and then click ‘Save Search’ in the lower right of the search screen, adding it to the ‘My Saved Searches’ list. But with the new ‘Search History’ list, it’s easier than ever to review the searches that you recently and frequently run, and create a ‘Saved Search’ right then and there!

Now if you find yourself running the same search very often, you can use the new ‘Search History’ menu to quickly turn it into a ‘Saved Search.’ Just give it a name and click the heart icon, and it will be added to your ‘Saved Searches.’

This intuitive new addition to REsearch will help save you time and help you work more efficiently. And it was inspired by recent suggestions from members like you! We always welcome your feedback on ways to ensure that REsearch is the best real estate tool available. This is only one of the many great things we have planned for 2017, so please stay tuned for more good news, and mahalo for your continued support!<