In order to provide a clearer picture of a property, we’re enhancing the TMK Full format to include the expanded loan information available in REsearch!

Loans on TMK

While much of this loan information was available through the ‘Loans’ format in REsearch, we’ve received great feedback from users that it would be more useful if it were more visible. As a result, we’re now displaying it by default in the ‘TMK Full’ format.

If loan information is available for a property, there will be a new ‘Recorded Loans‘ section between the main sales section and permit section. This will also highlight the expanded loan types recently added to REsearch, including new Finance Company (FNCL) loan types:

  • ARM: Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • RM: Reverse Mortgage
  • CM: Commercial Mortgage
  • AG: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

This loan information will not be displayed by default in Customer Format. Also, please keep in mind that the loan information in REsearch reflects only loans that are recorded with the Bureau of Conveyance. Ultimately, we believe this enhancement will help provide you with a more complete picture of a property!

More to Come

This is one of three enhancements we’re launching this week, as previewed in our video update, and is just part of the many great things we have planned for 2017. Please stay tuned for information on an upgrade to our Market Statistics and expanded permit information. Mahalo for your continued support!